2. tourist information

tourist information

  • Introduction of recommended spots in the vicinity

    • Enoden

      "Enoden" connecting Fujisawa and Kamakura.A small train is running slowly.
      Become a tram, run by the side of the sea, run through the mountains ...
      And there are many sightseeing spots along the line.
    • Enoshima Shrine

      Even love fulfillment is very popular.
      Shonan's shrine visit was prosperous since the Edo Time Period (1603-1868),
      Especially Enoshima Shrine was a central shrine.
      Here is one Benzait of Fujisawa Shichifukujin (Seven Lucky Gods).
      The precincts are composed of "Hetsuno-Miya Shrine", "Nakatsuno-Miya Shrine" and "Okutsuno-Miya Shrine"
      The whole island is also a shrine.Each goddess is a god of god,
      I called these three gods Enoshima Omikami or Enoshima Myojin.
      It has been respected as a guardian of shipping, fishery and transportation,
      By studying with Buddhism then,
      The goddess began to gather faith as a Benzaiten.
    • Enoshima Aquarium

      Enoshima Aquarium has been renewed and opened in April 2004.
      With the theme of "Sagami Bay and Pacific Ocean" and "Creatures" which are treasures of marine life,
      Eduutment type aquarium that you can learn while playing.
      Highlights include a large aquarium that collects 8000 fish from Sagami Bay,
      "Minazo-Kun (Southern Elephant Seal)" One Male Elephant Elephant Seal in Japan.
      Tatting pool which can touch fish is also popular.
    • Kamakura, Great statue

      A national treasure representing Kamakura, the Great Buddha of Kotoku-in Temple.
      For those who visit once for a school trip or for the first time visiting,
      Why do not you immerse yourself in the tasteful history of Japan, art?
    • Enoshima Samuel Cocking Garden

      On April 29, 2005, we will celebrate the second anniversary of renewal opening.
      The scenery from the height 59.8 m, 100.0 m above sea level is a masterpiece.
      Enoshima's first night view is NO.1 Date Spot!
      Events such as Enoshima Flower Festa and music live are also held.
    • Enoshima, Yacht Harbor

      Enoshima Yacht Harbor, the site of the 18th Tokyo Olympics and Yacht Competition,
      There are 1,000 yachts from dingy to cruiser,
      It is crowded with people who enjoy sailing.
      I love sea, love yachting is a spot I'd like to visit!
    • Ryuko Temple

      Lotus Temple It is the sole sacred Mt Jakko, Mt Jakko Ryuko Temple.
      Among the four major problems of the Nichiren Shonin the 2nd year Yemen (1337)
      It was built at Tatsunokuchi Execution Grounds Ruins most famous Tatsunokuchi Execution Grounds Ruins,
      There are plenty to see such as the oldest five-storied pagoda in the prefecture, stupid tower, treasure hall and so on.