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  • 【Let's get started】☆Starry night tour with a large telescope☆~Looking for Orion seat~

    Soak in the hot springs for Christmas and enjoy the moon. ?

    Let's enjoy the starry sky different from usual full-scale with a large telescope
    Great Nebula of the Orion constellation in winter, Saturn's ring
    Can you find a new nova ...?

    We will guide you through the winter constellations☆

    ! Only customers who use this plan will receive a "Starry Sky Trap"!


    10/19(soil), 10/21 (Moon)
    Orion meteor shower

    10/26(soil), 11/2(soil), 11/3(Day), 11/18 (Moon)
    Leo meteor shower

    12/22 (Day)
    Christmas night

    ※In case of rain cancellation, we will contact you at 15:00 on the day

    "time", 19:10, Departure, Pick up
    "place", Child country

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Hotel Facilities

  • Front desk / lobby

    Kira Ko Magokoro prominence feelings in the "hospitality" is alive inn of the Kira Ko, Welcome to Kira Kan
    The well-known local Kirara Kira Kozukenosuke and Lady Tomiko will welcome you all.
    For any problems please feel free to the front desk.
  • Japanese banquet hall

    In large and small banquet halls you can enjoy food and banquet for commemoration of group guests.

    Capacity: 10 to 130
  • dance hall·Multipurpose Convention Hall(party)

    The largest dance hall Suzuran in the Chubu area, which can accommodate up to 100 people, uses solid cherry blossoms on the floor, so you can dance in earnest
    You can enjoy.You can also use the table as a party venue.

    Suzuran capacity 100 people(150 seats when using table) Floor area 300 m²
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Hotel Name

Kira Kanko Hotel


15 Miyazakitanoue, Kira Town, Nishio City, Aichi Prefecture

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Electric train: Get off at Meitetsu Nishio Line Kirayoshida Station, 10 minutes by taxi. car: National Route 247 from Kira Onsen Entrance or Toba to south

Pick-up presence (condition)
Meitetsu Kira yoshida Station free transfer available (Advance reservation required)
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Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.