A trip to Nishio Kira where you can experience history and culture

【Official】Kira Kanko Hotel(Kira Kanko Hotel)

An inn with a spectacular view of Mikawa Bay.Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy a slow vacation in a relaxing time.

 Located on the hills of Kira Onsenkyo in Mikawa Bay Quasi-National Park centered on the coast of Mikawa Bay, this facility is an inn with a view where you can touch the true Kira Kozukenosuke.

 For those who enjoy sightseeing in the neighborhood, we recommend driving the Mikawa Bay Skyline and the coastline! Group Pavilion as "Gamagori Onsen Ten-no-Maru of "Nishiura Onsen Tatsuki"
There is also a one-day hot spring privilege, so you don't have to worry about a short break during the drive.Please fully enjoy the nature of Mikawa Bay.
 Please use the observation open-air bath that climbs the hill with a slope car while it is bright.A hot spring with a spectacular view overlooking the shining Mikawa Bay
It is a sodium chloride spring that is ideal for relieving daily fatigue, and is effective for muscle pain, neuralgia, fatigue recovery, and poor circulation.
 In addition, the dishes are from Nishio no Matcha, Isshiki Unagi, clams and other seafood from Mikawa Bay, which are passionate about local production for local consumption, and easy-to-use kaiseki cuisine.
We offer a wide range of course, from specialties to specialties that you would like to have on your special anniversary.
 Enjoy a slow vacation for each customer at this facility, which provides such time and space to heal your daily fatigue.

3 About avoidance of confidentiality

  • 3 About the correspondence of this facility for avoiding dense

    In order to ensure a comfortable and safe stay in the future, we will do our best not to be in a three-crowded state.
    We apologize for the inconvenience, but please understand that it is such a time.
    Our staff will make every effort to ensure that your trip is safe.

One-day hot spring

  • One-day stop-off hot water

    Available without reservation
    Stop by for a hot spring!

    Usage time 11:00 to 16:00
    Fare    1500 yen including tax per person
    Towel with bath towel

    *No meals included

Hotel Facilities

  • Front desk lobby

    Kira Magokoro prominence feelings in the "hospitality" is alive inn of the public, Welcome to Kira Kanko Hotel
    Kira Kozukenosuke Yoshihisa-ko, a local great lord of Kira, and his wife Tomiko will welcome you.
    Feel free to contact the front desk if you have any problems.
  • In-hotel shop

    The sweets, goods, and drinks at a shop that collects Mikawa's specialty products.

    Business hours 8:00 to 21:00
  • Small path of culture

    We are exhibiting the works of local print artist Goro Saito, who portrays the age of the Kira area.
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Hotel Name

Kira Kanko Hotel(Kira Kanko Hotel)


15 Miyazakitanoue, Kira Town, Nishio City, Aichi Prefecture

Telephone number



Train:About 10 minutes by taxi from Meitetsu Kira yoshida Station
car:National Route 247 south from Kira Onsen Entrance or Toba

Meitetsu Kira yoshida Station Free transfer available(Reservation required by 19:00 the day before)
From 14:30 to 16:30
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Reservations / Inquiries

If you have any questions, please contact us.