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How to get to Hotel Kokonoe

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Hotel Name

Hotel Kokonoe


2178 Kanzanji Town, Nishi Ward, Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture

Telephone number



Get off at JR Kanzanji Onsen Entetsu Bus from JR Hamamatsu Station, a 5-minute walk.
In the case of a car, “7 minutes from Kanzanji Smart IC.

※Hotel parking is free. There is no height restriction.
  • Chubu International Airport → Direct hotel/Airport direct bus "e-wing"

    "e-wing". Two direct buses run daily from Chubu International Airport to the hotel.

    ※Boarding location = Chubu International Airport Bus Terminal No. 1.
    ※There is a transfer at Hamamatsu-nishi IC Terminal.

    【time table】

    ▼Departure 12:00

    ○12:00/Chubu International Airport

    ○13: 35/Hamamatsu-nishi IC Terminal


    ●14:00/Hotel Kokonoe

    ▼13 o'clock departure

    ○13:00/Chubu International Airport

    ○14: 35/Hamamatsu-nishi IC Terminal


    ●15:00/Hotel Kokonoe

    Adult one way rate, 3,200 yen

    ※Tickets can be purchased at vending machines at the Chubu International Airport bus stop.
    ※If you do not have a ticket, please pay to the bus crew in cash.
    ※It is not necessary to make a reservation, but please be aware that it may be full.

    e-wing inquiry dial, 053-451-1595
  • When using a train (JR)

    【nearest station】JR Hamamatsu Station

    ▼JR Tokyo Station- JR Hamamatsu Station
    ·Shinkansen "Hikari": About 90 minutes
    ·Shinkansen "Kodama": About 120 minutes

    ▼JR Shin-Osaka Station- JR Hamamatsu Station
    ·Shinkansen "Hikari": About 90 minutes
    ·Shinkansen "Kodama": About 130 minutes

    ▼JR Nagoya Station- JR Hamamatsu Station
    ·Shinkansen "Hikari": About 35 minutes
    ·Shinkansen "Kodama": About 55 minutes
  • ◇JR Hamamatsu Station → Hotel Kokonoe/Free shuttle

    There are 4 direct daily buses from JR Hamamatsu Station to Hotel Kokonoe. Please make a reservation by 18:00 two days prior to the day of use, as advance reservations are required.

    ·Kanzanji Onsen is a joint service by Kanzanji Onsen Ryokan Association.
    ·Only available for staying and lunch breaks and dinner breaks at Hotel Kokonoe.

    【time table】
    ▼JR Hamamatsu Station → Hotel Kokonoe
    1 flight/11:00 → 11:45
    Two flights/14:00 → 14:45
    Three flights/15: 00 → 15: 45
    Four flights/16:00 → 16:45

    ▼Hotel Kokonoe>JR Hamamatsu Station
    1 flight/09: 55 → 10: 40
    Two flights/12:55 → 13:40
    Three flights/13:55 → 14:40
    Four flights/14: 50 → 15: 40

    【Reservation method】
    ※Advance reservation is required. Please make a reservation at least 2 days before the use date by 18:00.
    ※When full, you may not be able to make a reservation.

    <Hotel Kokonoe Reservation Center>
    Tel: 053-487-1112, (9:00 to 18:30)
    Email: kokonoe@entetsu.co.jp

    ·It is a regular departure for joint operation. Please be careful.
    ·We are limited to subscribing with 14 people or less.
    ·Flights without reservations will not operate.
  • ◇JR Hamamatsu Station → Hotel Kokonoe/scheduled bus

    【Time required】
    About 45 minutes (About four flights operate in one hour)

    【One-way fare】
    Adult(s): 620 yen, Children: 310 yen
    (As of October 1, 2019)

    【Boarding place】
    JR Hamamatsu Station North Exit Bus Terminal No. 1
    "No. 30:Kanzanji Onsen

    【Getting off place】
    Get off at Kanzanji Onsen bus stop, about 3 minutes on foot
  • ◇JR Hamamatsu Station → Hotel Kokonoe/taxi

    【Time required】
    About 35 minutes

    【One-way fare】
    About 5,000 yen
    (As of March 15, 2019)

    【Boarding place】
    JR Hamamatsu Station North Exit taxi stand
    JR Hamamatsu Station South Exit taxi stand

    【When calling by phone】
    Business taxi: 053-412-7777 (24 hours available)
  • When using a car

    【Nearest IC】
    Tomei Expressway"Kanzanji Smart IC" (About 7 minutes by car from the hotel)

    ·About 3 hours from Tokyo
    ·About 3 hours 40 minutes from Osaka
    ·About 1 hour from Nagoya

    ※Parking at the hotel is free. There is no height restriction.