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Please enjoy Japanese food with a focus on local and Hamamatsu ingredients


Dinner is a Hotel Kokonoe -course meal of the Hotel Kokonoe, Chief Chef passion. Breakfast is served in the buffet.
  • 【Dinner】~TAKUMI~

    A multi-course meal with delicate taste and color.

    It is a standard multi- course meal course in ninefold.
    We will offer seasonal ingredients in a colorful, one-by-one, polite manner.
    Please enjoy the dishes you can enjoy only now.

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  • 【Dinner】~KIRAMEKI~

    An upscale multi-course dinner with seasonal specialties on the colorfully finished "Hamanako Four Seasons Kaiseki" using seasonal ingredients. Kokonoe recommended course of Kokonoe.

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  • 【Dinner】~IRODORI, KIKOU~

    Color and taste of the season, local specialties

    In the appetizer of the season that changes every month, please use the delicious seasonal ingredients now, enjoy and enjoy the colorful dishes of the season made with time and effort.

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  • 【Breakfast】Buffet

    We offer freshly prepared and hot dishes. Original dishes that appear monthly, vegetables from local farmers, etc. The beginning of a new day, please enjoy the breakfast buffet of Hotel Kokonoe Passion while watching the superb view of Lake Hamana.
  • 【Dinner】Children's Menu

    There is food for children. Contents are subject to change.