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Hot Springs

While watching 20 kinds of hot springs in the two kinds of public baths and the spectacular view of Lake Hamana, relaxing natural recuperation

There are two types of public baths: "Enshu Emaki-no-yu" and "Taisho Roman-no-yu". Guests can enjoy 20 types of hot springs by changing men and women in the morning and evening. Please enjoy delicious natural recreational hot springs with magnificent scenery in "moisturizing / heat retention effect".

Natural hot spring of Hotel Kokonoe

  • Enshu Emaki-no-yu

    Exquisite view of Hiroshige’s ukiyoe art with glass and Lake Hamana. A large public bath where the Edo atmosphere drifts.

    A pure Japanese-style relaxation space expressing the world of Ukiyoe in Hiroshige with delicate graceful glass paintings.
    Ten kinds of baths, including 7 inner baths, boat outdoor bath and bell milk stone outdoor bath, you can enjoy a very good natural recreation hot spring for "moisturizing and heat-retaining effect".

    ※You can use it at morning and evening men's time changing.

    ·Odd month January·March·May·July·September·November
    【Male】11: 30-24: 00, "Women" 5: 30-10: 00

    ·Even month February·April·June·August·October·December
    【Male】5: 30 to 10: 00, "Women" from 11: 30 to 24: 00
  • Taisho Roman-no-yu

    The atmosphere of Taisho Romance and the large public bath healed by the light of stained glass

    Classical It is a fashionable large public bath with Taisho romantic style which arranged modern stained glass on windows and ceiling full of openness. Starting with a bath using Japan's first natural ore, the eight inner baths create an elegant relaxation with retrography. Please enjoy a very good natural sanitary hot spring at "moisturizing · heat retention effect".

    ※You can use it at morning and evening men's time changing.

    ·Odd month January·March·May·July·September·November
    【Male】 5: 30 to 10: 00, "Women" from 11: 30 to 24: 00

    ·Even month February·April·June·August·October·December
    【Male】 11: 30-24: 00, "Woman]From 5: 30 to 10: 00
  • Private Room Private bath

    Relax with your family and friends.

    Private Private Room with natural hot spring outdoor bath and inside bath 4 private rooms.
    Watching Lake Hamana while catching a natural hot spring.
    Relax with your family, couples, groups. (It is only for those who use accommodation or meals. )

    ·We have towels available.
    ·"Baby cot" is rented for free at the front desk. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

    【How to use】
    ·For one reservation, only one reservation is possible.
    ·In case of advance reservation please request at time of reservation.
    ·In case of reservation on the day, we will accept reservations at the front desk. (Reservation priority)
    Hot spring bath hours
    On the day of check-in, From 14:00 to 23:00 ※It depends on the bath.
    Usage fee
    1 room, 3,100 yen/60 minutes
  • Members Lounge &Garden Outdoor bath

    As accommodation plan benefits, it is a special spa lounge where you can only use your staying in the target of the plan
    We offer various services such as drink corner, library and massage chair.
    Together with the Garden outdoor bath, please spend a relaxing time.

    【Please be careful】
    Members' Lounge & Open-air Bath can be used only for guests staying with the target plan as accommodation plan benefits.
  • Getting Started

    ·I will refuse bathing of those with a tattoo / tattoo.
     ※Besides western carving and Japanese carving, it can not be impossible, as well as stickers, body paints and similar fashion items. You will leave as soon as it is found.
    ·We do not shoot pictures taken with mobile phones with cameras, video cameras, etc. in the bath including the undressing room.
    ·Those who are drunk, people who conduct inconvenience to other customers, those who do dangerous actions will refuse bathing.
    ·By the guidance of the public health center, we will refuse bathing for customers who were adult diapers.
    ·Children who have been diapers can not take a bath in each bathtub. (Please use the baby tub. )
    ·We will refuse mixed bathing with children of elementary school second grade or above or children weighing 120 cm or more.
     ※Even if it is less than 2nd grade elementary student, if you are over 120 cm tall, we will refrain from mixing.
    ·You can not drink hot spring water in the bath.
    ·We do not accept food and drink.
    ·Please keep in mind about valuable item management. Please do not bring valuables to the bath, please keep it in the safety box of the room. (We will keep it at the front desk. )

    ※We can not assume any responsibility such as theft or loss.

    ※Water quality inspection is conducted once every two months, asking to an external inspection organization.
      "Indicators on water quality standards etc. in public baths" (Heisei 2000 Health and Welfare Division No. 1811)

    ※We regularly conduct sanitary control by measuring residual chlorine every day.
  • amenities·Facilities

    Please come in "hand towel"

    In order to enjoy hot spring without hesitation, we have the following amenities and facilities.

    Face towel, bath towel, Hairdryer, Soap, Body Soap, shampoo, rinse, Swab, hairbrush

    【women only】Shower cap, Make-up remover, Toner

    【Only men】A razor