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Attraction of Lake Hamana

Brackish water lake "Lake Hamana" where you can enjoy the charm of both the sea and the lake

  • Brackish water lake and Lake Hamana flowing from the Pacific Ocean can enjoy seafood and marine sports as well as the lake as well as the charm of the sea.
    There are rural landscapes and satoyamas in the vicinity of Lake Hamana, and the temperate climate is such that tea, oranges, and many vegetables and fruits that are famous nationwide are grown.
  • Sunset sunset over the lake

    Lake Hamana is also known as a place where you can see the beautiful sunset.
    It is also recommended to take a walk around the lake while taking a look at the red sky and lake, and take a picture.
  • Fruits of abundant ocean and lake

    Lakes and seas, plentiful seafood will entertain our tongue.
    The natural product "Fugu" caught off the coast of Enshu Nada is excellent from autumn to winter.
    Besides, Lake Hamana is full of delicious things, such as Lake Hamana Lake Hamana specialty "Unagi", rare ones such as "Suppon", and the precious whale "Domangani".
  • Spring Lake Hamana

    Lake Hamana is warm and has many flower spots in spring.
    Among them, Hamamatsu Flower Park is a popular spot where you can enjoy 1,300 cherry blossoms and 500 thousand ball tulips.
  • Lake Hamana summer

    Summer Lake Hamana which can enjoy marine leisure such as parasailing and jet skiing.
    Every year in July fireworks festival and lantern festival are held and you can enjoy fantastic scenery.
  • Autumn's Lake Hamana

    "Okuyama Houkou Temple", "Ryotan Temple", "Hamamatsu Castle Park".
    There are a lot of sights of autumn leaves also around Lake Hamana such as "Okuni Shrine" and "Korankei Valley" with a little extended legs.
    The autumn leaves of a Ropeway Mt Okusa is also beautiful.
  • Lake Hamana winter

    Around Lake Hamana is famous as a fruit production center.
    In winter you can enjoy "strawberry picking".
    Please eat sweet and fresh Shizuoka strawberries happily.