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Tourist information

Enjoy around Lake Hamana

  • Hamamatsu Flower Park

    In spring, 1,300 cherry trees and 500,000 tulips are in full bloom, and you can enjoy beautiful flowers every season. In the early summer, tours are also available that you can watch fireflies.
    【From the hotel】About 10 minutes by car / 15 minutes by bus

    The HAMANAKO GARDEN PARK, which was opened on the site of the Hamanako Lake Flower Expo held in 2004, is a 3,000 square-square-tonde flower garden with nemophila in the spring and cosmos in the autumn, and you can enjoy beautiful scenery. From the observation tower, you can overlook Enshu Nada and Lake Hamana, and when the weather is fine you can also see Mt Fuji.
    【From the hotel】Approximately 20 minutes by car
  • Fantom Marine Kodama

    You can enjoy various marine activities throughout the year. A variety of marine leisure such as parasailing, speed boat, chartered yacht is easy.
    【From the hotel】About 5 minutes on foot
  • Red Torii of Bentenjima

    Lake Hamana Benten Island, south of Lake Hamana, a large red torii 18 meters high floats on the lake surface. It is recommended that you shoot along with the sunset that sinks into the lake.
    【From the hotel】Approximately 20 minutes by car
  • Hamamatsu City Museum of Musical Instruments

    Japan's only Public Museum of Musical Instruments. There are 1300 rare instruments from the world. There are plenty of events such as concerts and special exhibitions, and there is a space where you can touch the instruments.
    【From the hotel】About 40 minutes by car / about 50 minutes by bus

Wide area sightseeing

  • Mt. Fuji

    The great mountain "Mt Fuji" that symbolizes Japan. It is possible to go back and forth from Lake Hamana same Shizuoka Prefecture on a day trip. Please see the beautiful figure chosen as a World Heritage Site.
    【From the hotel】It is approximately two hours 40 minutes by car
  • Kakegawa Flower Garden

    The air-conditioned large greenhouse is kept at a comfortable temperature all year round, and you can enjoy contact with many flowers and birds. You can see rare birds at a short distance, and you can take photos by putting them on your shoulders or hands.
    【From the hotel】It is approximately 50 minutes by car / approximately 1 hour 30 minutes by train, bus