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Facilities in the facility

Boasting of beautiful facilities is proud.

To be able to use it pleasantly,
The bathrooms are serving Yadoroku, the washroom and the toilet are responsible for cleaning by the service manager.
There is no use of slippers except toilet.
  • Origins of Komakusa

    Alpine plants is a pretty flower of pink, which is said to be the queen of Alpine plants.
    It has a name because the shape of the flower resembles the horse's face.
    Yadoroku I went to the North Alps for climbing and skiing when I was staying at Yadoroku,
    Ryokan which started from desolation in Showa era 52 was attached because of the desire to be like a flower of "Komakusa".
    The new building moved to this place in December 1991.
    It is located in the south of Ganjoji temple, a Japanese-style inn with a very quiet environment where you can see Norikura, Hotaka, Spear, Mount Kasa.

  • Entrance

    ! Keen! Cologne!
    Built in the entrance of the colonnade, Suikinkutsu
    Utsuri thinks of a beautiful sound.
    It will heal your travels.
  • Suikinkutsu / front desk

    Walking around the city, Morning Market, Norikura, Shin-Hotaka,
    I want to go to Kamikochi, Shirakawa-go · · ·
    Golf, I want to fish · · ·

    Yadoroku will meet the consultation of everyone.
  • Room Matsukura

    Air conditioning equipped · bedding is down comforter.
    There is no bathroom in the room.

  • Guest room spear

    Air conditioning equipped · bedding is down comforter.
    There is no bathroom in the room.

  • Irori style Lounge

    I am able to eat and drink with my legs off.
    Room is popular for small group meals.
  • Bath(Inner bath)

    You can take a bath at any time 24 hours while watching the courtyard.
    It is a happy charter system with family and group.
    I am preparing a bath towel.
  • Garden

    Ganjoji temple garden which borrowed the Bell tower of Mr. Ogaji is harmoniously in harmony.

Hida, Takayama, Small Cuisine Inn, Komakusa

〒 506 - 0054

4-172-1 Okamoto Town, Takayama City


Masayoshi Tsuzuku

Service Manager

Emiko Tsuzuku

Chief Chef

Shinsuke Tsuzuku

Young Service Manager

Toshiko Tsuzuku