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Overnight Stay Plan

We are preparing various accommodation plan and are waiting for you visit.

Annual stay plan, seasonal experience-type plan, gifts such as alcohol and rice planning etc.
We are preparing a plan tailored to situations.

It can be used for accommodation including classroom, elderly, workshops and so on.

Recommended accommodation plan&Minami Uonuma sightseeing information

Experience type plan each season, special plan, ranking group and elderly association plan etc
We will introduce timely accommodation plan.
Please apply for individual plan from reservation site and group plan by phone.
  • Earth earth art festival accommodation plan

    Echigo Tsumari Art Triennale, Earth art festival
    It is a world-scale art festival held once every three years.(7/29, ~, 9/17)

    Various art works and art events will be held in the vast welfare township centered around Toka Town city, Niigata preContinue reading
    Room rate
    Half board, from 10,260 yen (hot spring tax separate)
    Earth earth art festival 1 night 2 meal plan
  • Relaxed dinner - 'room meal' - plan

    We prepare dinner in the room "room meal"plan.

    Please use for socializing such as children and anniversary travel.
    Please enjoy dinner relaxingly with water.

    3 course cooking course"Standard", "Upgrade" and "Special"
    Please choose according toContinue reading
    Room rate
    Standard, weekday, from 11,880 yen (hot spring tax separate)
    Meal in Room, Standard, Weekdays
  • early autumn·Hacchi salmon & mushroom pot plan

    It is a thanks plan from 8/20 to plan.

    Please enjoy golden rice scenery and hanging sink hot spring.
    Room rate
    From 8,880 yen (not included)
    Hacchi salmon & mushroom pot plan
  • Three sake breweries in Minami Uonuma·With trial set, Overnight Stay Plan

    Hakkaisan is a accommodation plan with a trial set of Hakkaisan, Takachiyo, Kakurei.

    U.S. Niigata is also a production center of delicious sake.
    Snow melting water and groundwater in Minami Uonuma famous for the heavy snowy zone are beautiful dContinue reading
    Room rate
    From 11,880 yen (hot spring tax not included)
    Local salad in Minami Uonuma Trial set included Staying plan
  • Great power☆Katakai fireworks festival - the world's top 4-sized ball and super luxury Star Mine

    Fire fighter festival in Niigata / Katakai town which will be held every September 9th and 10th every year!

    Why do not you experience fireworks dedicated to Asahara Shrine?
    The biggest wheel of the world's 4-meter ball (diameter about 120 cm) dContinue reading
    Room rate
    Adults from 16,880 yen (hot spring taxed separately)
    Echigo·Katakai Fireworks Festival Tour plan
  • ☆Relaxing stay☆24 hours stay ~ lunch included☆Plan

    It is a plan that you can relax and enjoy the hot spring at the Koshijiso onsen.

    13:00 Check-in ~ 13:00 check-out the next day
    3 meals per night with lunch next day.It is a 24-hour stay plan.

    ◎, Early check-in, from 13: 00
    ◎, late check-out, uContinue reading
    Room rate
    Adults starting at 10,800 yen (hot spring tax not included)
    Loose stay 24 hours·Hot Springs Healing Plan
  • Business type·Japanese-style room(Breakfast Included)Plan

    Let's relieve fatigue at the hot spring inn when you go out for business or on business.

    Business type(Japanese-style room)18 square meters, No bathroom / toilet
    With Breakfast (There is also a plan without meals)

    Check in, until 23: 00 OK
    Room rate
    From 8,640 yen (hot spring taxed separately)
    Business type, Japanese-style room(Breakfast Included)
  • Secretary-san music·Alumni association·Alumni association plan, 30 people or more

    Ideal for classmates of milestones such as exorcism and 60th anniversary.
    Accommodation (2 meals per night) · All you can drink 120 minutes · Karaoke · Group photo
    It becomes a set.(Optional @ 2,000 for second party)

    Hotel charge, @ 15,000 yen(Continue reading
  • Feel free class plan※1 Night/ 2 Meals, With 1 sake, 4 people or more

    If old friends gather from five to five people, it is the start of the ranking association.
    It is a mini-class ranking plan available from a small group.
    (Karaoke service with over 10 people)

    ※It is only a weekday plan.

    Accommodation @ 10,000 Continue reading
  • Old age association·Education plan, 15+

    1 Night/ 2 Meals, At a banquet, 1 drink, Karaoke service
    City pickup free (Please contact us outside the city)※The toll road separately

    You alone, ¥ 8,760(Tax inclusive)

    Ice table banquet halls are also available.

    ※Please consult us for 3 nigContinue reading
  • Workshop, Overnight Stay Plan

    It can be used for accommodation workshops.

    Training venue + social gathering (dinner) + accommodation set plan.
    30 to 100 people, up to

    We estimate from the number of people, the number of nights, the number of meals, the number of venues andContinue reading
  • "Tourist attractions", Echigo Tsumari, Earth art festival

    Echigo Tsumari Art Triennale
    It is a world-scale art festival held once every three years.
    Held from 7/29 to 9/17

    Let's go out to see artworks spreading in vast areas.
    It is 51 days full of highlights, including events, exhibitions, food and cuContinue reading
  • "Tourist attractions", Uonuma no Sato

    An area where shops and facilities related to Hakkaisan in the center of Hachihai brewing second Hirokazu collection gathered.

    It is made up of soba shop, confectionery shop, cafeteria, museum, snow room and so on.
    Cooking events and others mayContinue reading
  • "Tourist attractions", Echigo One Temple, Unto-An

    It is supposed that the mother of Sugawara Boso from the Nara era about 1,300 years ago entered and joined the ante is the beginning.
    After that, Kamonomi Uesugi opened Soto Unto-An.It is said to be the Echigo One Temple.

    It has been widely belContinue reading
  • "Tourist attractions", Hakkaisan Ropeway

    You can take a walk in the air on a ropeway up to about 720 ml (1100 m) of Lingfeng, Hakkaisan.

    From the mountaintop station you can see the Uonuma Basin and the Mikuni Mountain Range observation deck you can see the Sado Islands if the weatherContinue reading
  • "Tourist attractions", Mikuni Kaido, Shiozawa-shuku, Makino dori

    Shiozawa-shuku developed as a post office town on Mikuni Kaido.Makino dori which reproduced the image of the time is a spot which makes me feel Japanese town shop.

    The name of the street is from Shiozawa and was attached from "Suzuki Makiyuki" Continue reading
  • "Tourist attractions", Mikuni River Dam·Shaku lake lake

    It is a lock-dam type dam made by stacking rocks.

    You can also visit the inside from the management building.
    The dam lake is said to be a shaky lake lake, and there is a road which goes round the periphery to the crossroad entrance.

    Fresh greContinue reading