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Sightseeing·Facility information

Amakusa islands spreading in front of you

  • In-house information

    • How about the party with the hall that sea is visible? Please contact me by phone!

      Banquet Hall

      If you inquire in advance at the banquet hall, you can lend it free of charge.
      For details, please contact us by phone.
    • There are karaoke rooms.If you are free, you can use it so please!

      Karaoke room

      There is a karaoke room.
      (Toll, 1 hour / 2000 yen)
  • Optional service

    • Auto three wheel tuk-tuk

      ◆Transportation from / to the restaurant (regular service: free)

      ◆Nearby tourist information(Optional service:Extra charge)
       ※Please contact the front desk.
    • Motorboat

      ◆Cruising experience·fishing(Optional service:Extra charge)
       ※Please contact the front desk.
  • Beautiful Himedo Sea

    There are countless Kojima that can be said to be the original scenery of Japan in the vicinity of the Koraya.
    Luxury to spend relaxed time, nearby there is a little private beach.
    Couples, children and driftwoods and seashell collection, such as enjoying walking how about you?
    • Kojima Beach

      One minute walk from the hotel!
      It is safe even with small children!
    • Kojima Beach | Sunrise

      You can see the sunrise rising from the horizon!
    • Kojima Park

      One minute walk from the hotel!
      Morning, is ideal for evening stroll course
  • Surrounding tourism

    • Dolphin watching

      Approximately 200 Minami handwort dolphins settled throughout the year in the ocean surrounding the Tsuji Island.
      Why do not you watch cute dolphins while being blown by the sea breeze.
    • Amakusa Pearl Line

      Road connecting Uto Peninsula and Amakusa Kami Isaland!
      Both sides Surrounded by the ocean, you can enjoy Five Bridges of Amakusa and the surrounding islands.
    • Sea DOUGHNUT

      It is an aquarium floating in the ocean where there are only two in Japan.
      Many interesting and cute fish around the world gather in the facility, and the staff will guide you around the facility at any time.
      It is a homemade aquarium full of handmade feeling.
    • Sakitsu Cathedral Church

      It is a church to be built in the Sakitsu village of Sakitsu which faces the calm Yokaku Bay.
      Location of the altar of the front is also the place where severe Fumie, allegiance test to The period when Christianity was banned has been carried out.
      The fishing village scenery of Sakitsu, Amakusa City is also selected as "Important cultural landscape of the country".
    • Amakusa Sunset Line

      It is the route along the west coast of Shimo Island, Amakusa City, Shimo Island, Amakusa City, Kumamoto Prefecture.
      The scenery of the west coast sea is superb!
      You can see the sunset over the horizon during the sunset viewing time.