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Surrounding tourism

  • Shirabiso Plateau/Highland Shirabiso

    • Duration: 90 minutes by car

      The latest spot in Minami Shinshu!

      The road is narrow, it takes time only from the downtown from Iida City, but it is a topic spot you want to visit once.
  • Tenryu River Boat Tour

    • Duration: 15 minutes by car

      There are two course on the Tenryugawa River descent.
      Down until Tenryukyo Port through the Tokimata Port from Benten Port, Matsuo, Tenryu ship down".
      Tenryukyo Tenryu Rhine-Kudari goes down from Tenryukyo to the lower reaches of the Karahama Port.
  • Moto-Zenkoji

    • Duration: 20 minutes by car

      It is a famous temple of Tendai Sect which is said to be the opening mountain of Empress Suiko Time Period.

      Honjin "Statue of Amida Sanzon" in Zenkoji in Nagano was told that it was transferred from here,
      It was a custom to visit both.

  • Mizuhiki Crafts Gallery Sekijima

    • 5 minutes by car

      Duration, 5 minutes by car

      Iida is Japan's largest city producing water drawing.Traditional crafting transmitted from ancient times
      The art made with water drawing is worth seeing at first glance
      Experience, demonstration and more are also done.
  • Pickles Center Inaji

    • Time required:3 minutes on foot

      We handle a large number of pickles and souvenirs from Shinshu's specialty to our own products.
      There is restaurant, too, and it is popular also by stop by lunch.