Pension Marine View
I am grateful! Seaside Pension Marine View of the Seaside Pension!

【Official】Pension Marine View

☆☆Marine Mama who loves your happy smile☆彡
Because it is a pension, facilities like hotel, service and
I will not say hospitality, but·Be happy and healthy with everyone
I always wish I want to become a little strange! Marine Mama will meet you!

☆Body-friendly cuisine and secret of the bath☆

  • Very gentle to your body "Mother Salt & Mother Sugar"

    Think about your health as well as your family
    This facility uses seasonings of passion.
    More than 70 kinds of minerals are included
    Can be used with confidence in people with high blood pressure
    Natural crystal, aged salt "Mother Salt".
    Marine Papa is a dialysis patient, but also medicine etc.
    I am drinking with salt water. That's that good salt.

    Also contains various vitamins, iron, calcium etc
    Excellent alkaline organic sugarcane 100% "Mother Sugar".
    One of the selling of this facility, boiled kimme sea bream and simmered dish
    All are cooked with "Mother Sugar".
    I do not use white sugar or tri-temperature sugar.

  • Mineral water and mineral hot spring of "Kirara Stone" body is pleased

    In this facility the tank contains 100 kilometers of "Kirara Stone".
    All tap water is "mineral water" of "Kirara Stone"
    Moreover, please enjoy the mineral water of a delicious drinkable bottle.
    Please use it because it is placed next to the front desk.

    In addition, the bath is a mineral hot spring of "Kirara Stone".
    It is especially recommended for people with stiff shoulders, back pain, atopy.
    If you put "Kirara Stone" soaked in a bathtub on the shoulder or waist it will be easier
    Thank you very much for everything.

    Please do not hesitate to call out as we sell it even within this facility.

☆Home garden "Marine Farm" and "Gifts from the sea of Heda"

  • The Japanese spider crabs you've eaten is fertilizer!

    Please enjoy the Heda Specialty"Japanese spider crabs Heda Specialty" of the guests you Heda Specialty.
    Dried fish, mix rice bran ··To the field fertilizer!
    A big field of the house of the staff is a self-made vegetable garden "Marine Farm"!
    We harvest palatable delicious vegetables and make it to your table☆彡
  • Marine Family Loves the Sea

    Nishiizu Heda rich in seafood☆彡

    Marine Grandpa
    "Hijiki" and "Akaisona" and so on to enjoy the beach!
    It is caught in cold weather, even though it is wet with seawater
    Because customers are pleased···Marine Grandma
    Boil and dry fish···I am grateful for my health.

    Marine Papa also goes fishing, and when the prime dive becomes a lifting ban
    A sea-loving person to catch scissors and isomono!
    By the way, I am doing home hemodialysis at home
    It is first grade disabled person in dialysis patients!

Accommodation Features

  • Dinning

    You can overlook Suruga Bay and Mt Fuji.
    You can also see the sunset by the time.

    【Normal meal time】(Charged organization non-customers)
    Dinner time: 18: 00-20: 00
     (It can not be used after 20 o'clock)
    Breakfast time: 8: 00-9: 00
     (It can not be used after 9 o'clock)
  • GuestRoom

    You can overlook the sea and Mt Fuji
    Room of popularity 3F.

    Mt Fuji from the bay window
    It is as nice as a painting.

    Clear day of full moon air
    You can also see Mt Fuji at night.

  • UnitBus

    It is the unit bath of the room.

    Each western style room is with bath toilet
    Washlet is not complete.

    Because the hotel is a pension
    We appreciate your understanding.
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Google Map

Hotel Name

Pension Marine View


3878-114 Heda, Numazu City, Shizuoka Prefecture

Telephone number



Shinkansen (bullet Train) Mishima Station, Izuhakone Railway 30 minutes, get off at Shuzenji Station, 50 minutes Bound for Heda. Approximately 45 minutes on the Izu Jukan Expressway from Numazu IC

Pick-up presence (condition)
Bound for Heda bus Bound for Heda the end point Heda than Shuzenji Station,
There is no regular ship from Numazu Port.
Pick-up time is after 15:00 (check-in).
In addition, during summer it will be from 9:00 to 13: 00 and after 15:00.
In addition, we will contact you upon reservation and call us when you arrive.
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The fertilizer of the self-care vegetable garden "Marine Farm" is a Japanese spider crabs shell

  • "Marine Farm" making non-pesticide vegetables exclusively for Marine View of the house of the staff

  • I 'purple sweet potato digging for "purple sweet potato"purple sweet potato to customers at "Marine Farm"!

    It is organic pesticide!
  • "Yamamomo" collected in the garden of Marine View

    It is used in popular homemade bamboo sake and dessert!

Anyway it's big!

  • Japanese spider crabs


  • Delicious water of "Kirara Stone"

Information on Surrounding Area

  • 5 minutes walk to the white sandy beach!

  • Marine Mama Recommended Snorkeling Spot

    You can swim with fish!
  • The recommended snorkeling spot in summer is here!

    It's Torii at the end of Mihama Cape!

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Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.