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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the popular big Kinmedai at the regular price? !!

    Marine View popular
    The stew of the big kimme sea bream
    It is a standard menu of all seasons.

    For the period from December to February
    WithContinue reading
  • Information on open-air baths and indoor baths that can be reserved for 24 hours overlooking Mt Fuji

    Marine View can overlook Mt Fuji and Suruga Bay
    24 hour charter & enjoy free of charge
    There are 6 open-air baths and 2 indoor baths.

    ThereContinue reading
  • It is information on children reservation and price

    Basically to other customers
    You can book if you do not inconvenience it.
    All children under elementary school age are eligible.

    The cuisinContinue reading
  • Breakfast is okay for rice and bread lovers!

    Breakfast is served with rice and bread.

    It will be only adults
    With freshly cooked hot rice
    You can enjoy freshly baked bread!

    Both rice Continue reading
  • Western-style room with bath and toilet! There is no washlet!

    Western-style room with bath and toilet.
    It will be a bathtub.

    The toilet is not a washlet.
    The hotel is a pension (western style inn)
    ThanContinue reading
  • There is no refrigerator in the room!

    We do not have a fridge in guest rooms.

    You can keep it at the front desk (refrigerated / frozen).
    Don't hesitate if it's buContinue reading
  • Please check about smoking / non-smoking rooms☆彡

    Only one room on the 3rd floor has a smoking room.
    Others are Western-style non-smoking rooms.

    Confirmed "No smoking or smoking" room
    PleasContinue reading
  • I'm sorry☆Not barrier-free

    The facilities are not barrier free.
    There is no elevator.

    When you enter the entrance, it will be on the 2nd floor.
    The first floorContinue reading
  • Please make a call at the time of advance reservation and telephone upon arrival☆

    If you can contact us, we will pick you up.

    Pick-up time is check-in time
    It will be after 15:00.

    During the summer (sea bathing season)
    9Continue reading
  • Vending machine is outside the entrance☆Sorry for the nighttime noise complaints

    Juice is sold at vending machines.
    I can purchase it for 24 hours, but ...

    Because the inside of the facility causes complaints such as durContinue reading
  • Those who are fishing・ ・You can leave the fish you catch to cooking!

    Many customers are fishing in the Marine View.

    Please bring the fish you caught.
    We cook fish that can be eaten.

    It will be only at dinnerContinue reading
  • Free parking information before and after in and out during the summer!

    Parking is free during the summer before and after the in and out.
    Please inquire at the front desk at the time of use.

    In addition, beforeContinue reading
  • 5 minutes walk to the sea! You can leave your swimsuit as it is!

    A 5-minute walk (fall) to Mihama Beach.
    The open sea faces Suruga Bay,
    Utsumi is a sand beach.

    In the summer you can enjoy swimming at theContinue reading
  • When will we be able to swim in the sea? Jellyfish?

    I can swim all August.
    If the weather is nice, you can swim until the beginning of September.

    Shops will be closed at the end of August.

    IContinue reading

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