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  • Creational Japanese Food " Hanamaki Kura set meal(Hana Maki Kura Gozen)"

    We call our culinary course"Kura Set meal ( Kura Gozen )" in the sense of having a lot of charm of the land, in order to get away from the treasures of the house, to a large storehouse.For example, there is a dish called "Hittumijiru".It is a regional cuisine made by sourcing flour and soup, similar to Sutto.It is called "Hittumijiru" because it flours in and throws in flour.

    Tohoku region has been in danger of cold and bad crops due to the cold northeast wind called Yaseji.As a measure against which rice can not be removed, the flour with the flour was spread.There is such a history of such Tohoku confrontation.

    "Hittumijiru" which puts in a soup a savory snack and a fresh vegetable, has been popular thanks to you.※Depending on the season, there may be times when Hittumijiru does not Hittumijiru.Please note.

    Cooking course"Kura Set (meal)" that you can taste including the history of land like this "Hittumijiru".I am waiting for the day you can enjoy it.
    • Menu of Spring 2018


      Menu may be changed due to purchase situation etc.

      Three different kinds of flowers

      Salmon sweet pickles, wolfberries and avocado mountain ao flavor, rape flower cheese


      Shimeji and boiled eggplant,*There may be changes to wild vegetables

      Fried food

      Deep-fried oil seasonal vegetables with oil curry

      Simmered dishes

      Deep-fried chicken with lotus root scissors


      tuna, Scallop, red snapper

      Steamed food

      Savory egg custard

      A western plate

      Chicken yogurt sauce sauce

      Fire stuff

      Iwate prefecture cattle ceramics steak, Sweet sake served

      Soup stock

      Southern Party


      Hanamaki production from Hitomer


      Strawberry spring color agar, With orange
      Period available:
      From March 2018 to May 2018
  • All you can eat beef pork shabu-shabu

    All you can eat beef pork shabu-shabu is full of delicious meat full of stomach.

    Now customized udon will also be replaced and you will have a great deal of content.Because it is the same price, please choose your preference.
  • Hearth dish

    The hearthside dish is a special menu baked with charcoal fire over the feature thoroughly.
    Matsudaya Ryokan is the most popular menu in Matsudaya Ryokan.
    You can use it for the basic accommodation plan with an increase of 2000 yen.

    In a rural private-fashioned restaurant, surround the special hearth table and enjoy unusual dinner.
    * Available from 2 people or more.

  • Breakfast

Private Room in Restaurant, Galaxy

  • Dai-Onsen only private room restaurant in the area of Dai-Onsen.

    Please divide each room into individual rooms, enjoy the dinner together at the dug and relax.

Increasing cooking

  • Juicy Hakkinton with Hakkinton

    Increase 1,500 yen
  • Local brand Maesawa Beef with Maesawa Beef

    Increase 3,000 yen