2. Cuisine


Great Food

Please enjoy the dish of the whole body abundantly using the fresh Seafood of Hokuriku.


A variety of delicious flavors that the chief chef finishes with confidence using seasonal passion ingredients from Fukui Prefecture.
  • Open kitchen

    Creator and customer became very pretty.

    "Yuyu Kan" When the elevator on the second floor opens, an open kitchen spreading in front of you.
    Before dinner or breakfast, it is crowded with preparations for meals that guests will have as a meal.
    Sashimi, simmered dishes, fried foods etc that are judged in front of our eyes are carried to the banquet room one after another, and the party begins.
    You can have a warm one while you are warm and a fresh one while you are served.
    • Until reaching the banquet hall
      ❁ with a heart
       Boiling of the sea bream sticking to freshness.
       It is brought from the open kitchen to the banquet hall while being fresh.

        We prepare dinner and breakfast at the banquet in front of everyone.

        The completed cuisine will be brought to the banquet hall as it is and the cooks will greet everyone.

       〔That one〕
        With the hands of the cookers themselves, we will separate themselves into individual dishes.
    • Enjoy the taste
      For cuisine, you can enjoy various seasonal tastes every season.
      Seafood mountain Seafood is plenty of taking advantage of the things of the earth, we will welcome always elaborate as you are able to impress even the tongue to the eyes.

       We will offer fish such as freshly picked fish caught and frozen in the near harbor that day.
       You can have local fresh sashimi, which grew up in the Sea of ​​Japan.

       Simmons and warm items are picked up warmly and will be taken to the banquet.
       You can also enjoy dishes from the service manager recipe.

      〔Fried food〕
       Even the harvesting of various ingredients every season is a specialty of the hotel.
       You can have freshly prepared dishes served.

      • Specialty

        Service Manager Recipe

        Enjoy relaxing home cooking and local cuisine, so please enjoy the variety of exquisite taste harmony every season, such as 'Echizen Kaabura steamed' which the service manager himself thought.

        Steamed crab steak

        Please enjoy the fresh crabs in the crab season.(It will be charged separately)
    • Set breakfast
      Breakfast is nice buffet though ... After all, the freshly prepared morning set menu is the real thrill of the Onsen Ryokan.

      Breakfast deliciously delicious with friendly friends without fuss in the restaurant of only yourself without a doubt is incredible.
      Please enjoy the warm cuisine which is carried from the open kitchen.

      より Less than usual, luxurious breakfast ❁
       Bath, banquet, time to relax ...
       There are many real thrills of hot spring ryokan, but breakfast is one of the pleasure, is not it?
       Miso soup of hot pot in local warm rice, several kinds of side dishes thinking about your body · · ·.
       Please enjoy a little luxurious breakfast time than usual.
      • Breakfast

        Miso soup

        You can hang a cooker pot for one person, and you can eat it as it is fresh.

        Savory egg custard

        Once steamed, it is carried as it is.

        Dried fish

        Staple of breakfast, dried fish such as curry.
    • have fun
      Enjoy the hot spring inn
       Brush up hospitality ---.

      What Matsuya MATUYA SENSEN thought.A
       MATUYA SENSEN thought to customers, to eat more delicious cuisine.
       That was in the form of "style open kitchen for group customers".
       We deliver cooked dishes and comfortable services from the open kitchen.
  • Season dining Sennosachi

    《 On October 1, 2017, a new dining was born at MATUYA SENSEN! 》
     MATUYA SENSEN Sennosachi and October, "MATUYA SENSEN dinning Sennosachi good Sennosachi" was completed.
     Japanese Fresh and freshly prepared dishes are offered from the open kitchen with a modern atmosphere.
     Chief chef Please enjoy the dishes of passion and relax one product one item at a time.

     オープン Open kitchen style food space to taste rich dishes.A
      Open-air open kitchen spreading over warm passageway, please enjoy the chef's dishes with spacious seating.
      We provide food space that you can be impressed by the hospitality from the heart by each staff.
    • Characteristics of a Sennosachi【one】
      ❁ Chief Chefs Passionate Kaiseki cuisine ❁
       Dinner at the seasonal dinning Sennosachi kinen is a multi-course cuisine in a prefix style that allows you to choose 2 main dishes.
       Please choose according to your preference such as meat dish, fish dish, tempura.
    • Characteristics of a Sennosachi【Two】
      心 hearty hospitality of staff full of smiles ❁
       From the entrance to the dining room, we will hospitate one pair at a time,
       1 item 1 item, we will provide meals according to customer's timing.
    • Characteristics of a Sennosachi【three】
      ❁ Passion wine·Wine
       34 stores in Fukui Prefecture All sake and various brands of wine, shochu, original cocktail etc.
       You can enjoy a cup that suits your dish, chosen by the service manager, the chief chef, and two lucky drinkers.
    • Characteristics of a Sennosachi【four】
      楽し Enjoy conversation and meals in a warm space ❁
       Chairs, tables, lighting and other places where you can feel Japanese-style, 4-seat / 6-seat space.
       You can relax and enjoy your meal without having to worry about surroundings.
    • Dinner
      Cookers deliver freshly prepared dishes according to customer's timing so that each customer can quickly prepare.

       Dinner one example ❁
        For cuisine, you can enjoy various seasonal tastes every season.
        Seafood mountain Seafood is plenty of taking advantage of the things of the earth, As you can also impressed by the tongue in the eyes
        We always hospitle and hospitality.
    • Breakfast
      Is not it one of the pleasures that breakfast is also a lot of hot spring inn.
      Please enjoy a little extravagant breakfast than usual with a well-balanced menu and warm space.

       ◆Japanese Food◆
       ■An example of menu■
        Dashi rolls egg, Squid sashimi, ham and salad, miso soup, pickles, Grilled fish,
        Drained radish, Hijiki, Boiled lavish luxury, Hime lotus root,
        Nameko Tofu, Orange juice

       ◆Western Food◆
       ■An example of menu■
        Omelette, bacon, Wiener, Bread, vegetable soup, salad,
        Yogurt, fruits, Orange juice
    • Facility information

      Business hours
      【Dinner】From 17:30, the last reception at 19:30
      【Breakfast】From 7:00, the last reception at 8:30
      36 tables, 146 seats(Non-smoking)
  • Seiza Original Kaiseki

    Wakasa Beef and snow crab, plenty of fresh Echizen Wakasa Seafood and culinary specialties from mountain,
    We will deliver dishes one by one that is fun to the eye.

    Please enjoy the delicious seasonal MATUYA SENSEN that the MATUYA SENSEN Chef MATUYA SENSEN with the confidence of the ingredients that sticks to local Fukui prefecture.
    Because it is a meal in the room meal or in the meal room of the private room, you can relax and eat meals with the important people.
  • Bespoke food

    • One thousand recommended "one item"
      Please select a dish of passion and enjoy luxurious moments and deliciousness of Fukui prefecture.

      ※Please make a reservation in advance.
      ※Some dishes can be offered depending on the season.
      ※The following price is tax excl.

       We have many other bespoke dishes.
       Please feel free to contact us.
      • Bespoke food

        Truel shrimp dance

        One animal 700 yen

        Activated abalone dancing and grilling

        From 3,000 yen per piece

        Mackerel of mackerel

        1,500 yen per serving

        Wakasa Beef Steak

        From 120 g 7,000 yen

        Ohno taro and pork belly dish

        1,300 yen per serving

        Tiger burning

        ¥ 1,800 per serving

        Echizen Crab

        Crime fishing lifting period (amount is necessary inquiries), "Reservation required due to time of landing", reserved 3 days in advance
  • Passion for local ingredients

    We just supply local passion for Fukui prefecture with passion, seasonal ingredients, seasoning as the best dish.
    That is Matsuya Sensen Speciality.
    • culinary specialties from mountain Fukui
      《Fukui Koshihikari 100% used》
       "Koshihikari" born in Fukui who was brought up in climate, earth, water of Fukui prefecture.
       Please enjoy the rich fragrance and taste cooked plumply.

      《Wakasa Beef·Fukui Pork》
       Echizen Wakasa climate rich in the four seasons of Echizen Wakasa and a rich climate,
       It is meat of Fukui prefecture which was raised in thorough environment and standards.

      《Echizen Mizuna》
       A new specialty was born in Fukui City in Heisei Period
       Please enjoy the fresh texture made with shakijaki.

      《Masuyuki Asuka》
       Mushrooms called mushrooms king.Everything is a superlative, such as fragrance, body thickness, chewy cheeks.
       Please enjoy the flavorful taste.
  • Introduction of Chief Chef

    • Chief Chef, Mitsuo Hagihara
      A new chief chef was born.Mr. Mitsuo Hagihara is a new chief chef.
      Born from Fukui city, he studied in Kyoto · Tokyo, demonstrated his skills in Ishikawa Prefecture, then took office as the chief chef of the hotel.

      Two years ago, cooks from all over the country compete for skills, a third place in skill Grand Prix, Ishikawa prefecture food exhibition awarded the Ishikawa prefectural governor award, long-time skills and experiences have been certified and Ishikawa prefecture achievement awards such as winning a remarkable achievement owner is.

      My hobby is alcohol.Before hobby turns and qualifies as a professional sake teacher!
      It is days of research (?) While swallowing "cooking suitable for drinking."

      We look forward to seeing you so that you can enjoy the cuisine of Hagiwara New Chief Chef.
    • Prepare for season and use materials.
      Fukui prefecture's ingredients, the best dishes according to the season are arranged, and a variety of dishes cooked up richly.
      In order to make our customers happy, we will continue to offer delicious dishes with fun filled with souls in each dish.

       Two lucky sake teachers (service manager and chief chef) invented!
       A cocktail based on Fukui's local sake "QUEEN ☆ MASAYO"
       One cup of recommendation after meal (ろ ろ い degree ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆).