2. A thousand charm

A thousand charm

Five charms

Introduction of MATUYA SENSEN's five charms that produce a MATUYA SENSEN quality space up a notch


  • One

    • "Hot spring public bath", female large public bath "Momo-no-yu hot spring" Enjoying a variety of hot springs (open-air bath image)

      Hokuriku's largest source large public bath open-air bath

      Japanese luxury comes from the bath.
      The bathroom that our hotel boasts has the largest area of ​​Hokuriku and is an outdoor bath with its source.
      I am currently in the selection of 100 in-house choice in Japan.
  • Two

    • "Hot spring egg making experience corner", from 15 o'clock to 19 o'clock (completed in about 30 minutes) 1 person free 1 person

      Enjoy hot-spring culture

      Male baths produce scales that can be bathed in large and luxuriously,
      For women's baths you can enjoy a wide variety of hot springs such as beauty salon, healing sauna, first-time hot water and sleeping water.

      You can also experience hot spring egg making for free for each one.
  • That one

    • Separation, A thousand dreams

      Various rooms

      Various rooms at Yuyu Kan with rooftop garden, guest room with outdoor bath of Sensen Kan,
      Various rooms are prepared according to your preference.

      Released rooms offering a further upscale relaxation are also popular.
  • Four of them

    • "I Matsuya", a night of a journey to exchange expressive conversation while looking through the lighted-up courtyard

      In a clean and fulfilling facility

      Front desk is available 24 hours a day to meet customer's request at all times.
      In accordance with your style such as tea lounge and karaoke room in the facility
      We have all the facilities to offer you a sense of relaxation.
  • That one

    • We will hospitality with sincere smile.

      In order to welcome guests pleasantly, the inside of the facility is kept clean at all times.
      Flow of water, casual flower arrangement, a chair provided for lowering down a bit,
      Take care every corner of the staff.