【Official】Aoki-nagi-no-yado Meijikan

Hotel Facilities

  • Restaurant Kyoraku

    For dinner, we prepared meals with luxurious seafood such as covered in the sea, meat dishes that do not sink to fish, local sake as well.
    In the morning, breakfast is served in the elegant buffet style.From the breakfast, sashimi and freshly baked fish, omelets made in front of you are a specialty.
    Please enjoy the variety of taste of the seasons to your heart's content.
  • Lounge Yuyake Cafe

    Lounge overlooking the sea with the setting sun
    In front of the Meijikan is the sea.The hotel is connected to the coast, so Lounge give you a feeling of openness as if you were outside.Enjoying a variety of momentarily changing Suruga Bay every season, spend a relaxing time.It is a luxury time of traveling.
  • Festival Square Wasshoi

    Meijikan is a festival every day! Enjoy throwing swords and throwing guards on permanent fun days, making natural stone accessories.Various activities are done here.
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Hotel Name

Aoki-nagi-no-yado, Meijikan


2849-3 Toi, Izu City

Telephone number



Tomei Expressway Numazu IC, Shin-Tomei Expressway Nagaizumi Numazu IC, about 60 km via Izu Jukan Expressway and Shuzenji Road(70 minutes)
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