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ryokan, Miyuki Onsen
Here is the real source withdrawal

【Official】Miyuki Onsen


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ryokan, Miyuki Onsen


822 Ichibe, Isawa Town, Fuefuki City, Yamanashi Prefecture

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10 minutes walk from JR Isawaonsen Station, 5 minutes on foot from the Expressway Bus Isawa Bus Stop, 10 minutes to Chuo Expressway Ichinomiya and Misaka IC Isawa direction to Chuo Expressway Ichinomiya way.

Pick-up presence (condition)
You can also pick up and drop off to Isawa-Onsen Station.(From 15:00 to 19:30)
Since stationary roundabout is narrow, please call us when you arrive at the station.
I will pick you up in about 5 minutes.
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【Gathering of preservation of Onsen heritage】Chubu District Certification【A society that protects Yuzumi Yuuku】Certification of innkeeping inns with source

  • About self-discharge hot spring "Kanjuku-no-yu"

    Source of Hot Springs"Kanjuku-no-yu" is the discharge amount of 1,415 1 (seven drums) per minute.A fresh self-bleeding source that spontaneously springs out from the site without pumping up is piped directly to each bathtub, and a complete discharge type without circulation, heating, water addition, and chlorine sterilization.Miyuki Onsen is an accommodation where you can enjoy "100% of Kanjuku-no-yu" overflowing with sauce.The source flowing from the bathtub to the dobadoba is masterpiece! The overflowing hot water is like a river, you can experience genuine hanging flowers with skin with eyes.Soaky alkaline soft water is also used for curry · shower so you can keep the effect of the source even if you take a bath water.At the entrance, you can take the source and take it home so please try it.

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