2. Meal


Enjoy your private dinner

The most important point in choosing the hotel is 100% with fresh spring hot springs, but many of our young chief chefs are looking for dinner, leading to high repeat rates.
To make sure of the ingredients with their own eyes, the chief chef himself passionate to visit Kofu Market every morning and purchase.
For dinner, take advantage of the ingredients and enjoy the tasteful Japanese food 13 items relaxingly in the room or in the private room.
The main dish is upgraded to Yamanashi Prefecture Branded Cattle 120 Koshu Beef Plan is very popular!
An option menu such as frosting horse sashimi and Koshu chicken gut stew can be used with a coupon ticket at a discounted price.
  • Iwate Chief Chef's example of course dish

  • Gutzuri breakfast

    Miso soup made with homemade miso which added miso every year at the end of March and aged for one year is outstanding flavor!

    Drops · Natto · Mentaiko etc. 2 cups without thinking, packed with side dishes suitable for freshly cooked rice? Three cups? (Lol)
    Please enjoy the relaxing ryokan breakfast which is different from the busy morning every day!
    In case of no meal plan, plus ¥ 1,800 per person, (Please contact by 17:00 on the day of stay.)
  • I like meat frankly! , Main dish Koshu Beef 120 g Koshu Beef Plan

    + \ 2,000 per person (Can be upgraded by the number of favorite people)

    Koshu Beef · · ·
    Koshu Beef who grew leisurely under a clear blue sky was exactly "exquisite taste art"

    Matsuzaka Beef raised Matsuzaka Beef and Kobe Beef and the same level of Wakoushi (Beef) in the rich nature of Yamanashi in the naturalism of the best, Japanese Black Cattle, which was brought up carefully by the stack of breeding technology that has been carefully polished by a member of Koshu Beef Study Group Only cattle rated as quality grade 4 · 5 grade among fattening cattle are sold as "Koshu Beef".
    Please relish the soft texture of "Koshu Beef", vivid flesh color, rich flavor texture once.

    Although the favorite meat is Tamarana ~ Lee plan... It is a good news for customers saying "Meat is no longer able to eat other dishes because there is a volume" (* ^^) v

    Why not · · ·

    Only one person can upgrade grade at 1 person + \ 2,000!

    In the case of online reservation, please check "Please upgrade only a part number of people" and specify the number of people to be up in the remarks column.
  • Example of dish