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Taste with bottles, handmade cooked by hand

Cooking is handmade dish of service manager and local staff.We will use seasonal materials as much as possible, we will put each affection with love.

And one more thing.In Antique Miyuki Ya, we use a porcelain arbor for arranging meals.
Unit is also one element that makes dishes delicious.
It is important to have dishes that serve delicious dishes as they look delicious.
Instruments of shades that distinguish cooking and instruments that make you feel the season.I am particular about it.
Please take a moment to look at meals.

The taste of Beppu! , Taste of Kyushu!

The food that the service manager and the staff are making with the whole heart, was gentle and was cooked.Old-fashioned taste such as baitsu, soup sucked into the heart ...
In the Kannawa Hot Springs, which was a hot spring recreation area for a long time, I soaked in a hot spring and relaxed "with my body" with the body.
I would like to stay in such an inn.
Please eat delicious Beppu Steamed Seafood"Beppu Steamed Seafood" of specialty of Beppu.It's freshly made.
  • Steamed Seafood

    By utilizing the vapor of the heat I'll steamed fresh seafood Steamed Seafood We finish up just before your meal time so make it!
  • Making a picture of flounder

    Whole local delicious flounder to sashimi ...Please enjoy the taste of the sashimi king.
  • Bungo Mackerel of Bungo Mackerel

    Please serve as a big star famous for Mackerel caught in the Sekizaki area and Bungo Mackerel Azalea.If it is not fresh it is not tasty! Asian onions with greasy are amazingly delicious.
  • After breakfast in morning bath, please enjoy.

    People who usually do not take breakfast are different on traveling trip.
    Kannawa Hot Springs felt refreshed with Kannawa Hot Springs,
    Will the atmosphere of the trip do so?
    We have breakfast which you can eat well from the morning.Breakfast is delicious and please refill 3 cups as well. There are so many people.

    It is the beginning of the day of a new journey by eating a good breakfast of the hotel!