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    • Beppu Hell Tour

      About 2 hours of walking course around the Oniishi Bozu Jigoku Umi Jigoku · Oniishi Bozu Jigoku · Yama Jigoku · Kamado Jigoku · Oniyama Hell · Shiraike Jigoku · Chinoike Jigoku · Tatsumaki Hell Total 8 Hells while experiencing natural wonders.(8-minute walk from Miyuki Ya
    • Kyushu Nature Animal Park African Safari

      It is the largest safari park in Japan with a total area where you can experience feeding directly to freaked wild animals such as bears, lions and giraffes.
      (It is approximately 20 minutes by car from Miyuki Ya)
    • Kijima Kogen Park

      Resort located in majestic Kijima Plateau spreading at the southern foot of Mt Tsurumi-Dake.Leisure facilities such as amusement parks and golf courses popular with screaming machines are enriched.
      (It is approximately 25 minutes by car from Miyuki Ya)
    • Harmony Land

      Hello Kitty theme park where you can meet Sanrio characters including Hello Kitty.There are lots of fun shows and attractions!
      (It is approximately 30 minutes by car from Miyuki Ya)
    • Takasakiyama Nature Zoo Park

      There are about 1,700 Japanese monkey living in the world's most populous village.You can observe a cute expression of humorous Shigusa and a child monkey.
      (It is approximately 30 minutes by car from Miyuki Ya)
    • Oita Marine Palace Aquarium Umitamago, Umitamago

      An aquarium where adults and children can enjoy, such as large migration aquariums, coral large tanks, touch pools touching living things, astrology and dolphin shows.
      (It is approximately 30 minutes by car from Miyuki Ya)