The source tofu direct selling place opposite Naganuma Onsen opened from April 6.
A blissful time to enjoy high-quality natural hot springs and local ingredients

【Official】Naganuma Onsen

While being in a good location 30 minutes from New Chitose Airport by car and 1 hour by car from Sapporo, here Naganuma Town spreads lush landscaped parks and vast landscapes like Hokkaido.

Naganuma Onsen amount of discharge of Naganuma Onsen spring is 1150 liters per minute.
We are proud of the top class hot water even in Hokkaido.
Without water addition / warming, luxuriously draining the source.
The thermal insulation-resistant high quality spa quality is also called "hot water".


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Naganuma Onsen


Higashi 6 Kita 4, Naganuma Town, Yubari County, Hokkaido Prefecture

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Get off at Kitahiroshima Station, about 35 minutes by JR Bus (For Naganuma Onsen)
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Reception time, 8:00 to 21:00