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Genji Tofu

Surprisingly sweet and rich, so high that you can not think solely

Hidden taste is the source of Naganuma Onsen.
Saltiness of the strong salt fountain complemented the sweetness of soybeans and a deep richness was born.
  • Naguma Tofu Studio

    • Naguma tofu studio, direct sales office

      【Opening Hours】Weekdays from 10:00 to 15:00
             Saturday·Sunday·public holiday, 10:00 to 16:00

      "Business period", from April until the beginning of November ※For periods and hours outside, we sell it at the Naganuma Onsen shop.

  • Source Tofu Item List

    • Yoshzefu

      Rich tofu with luxurious use of Naganuma produced soybeans condensed soybean sweetness.
    • Cotton tofu

      I finished it softly with craftmen's passion manufacturing method
    • Deep-frying

      I am fried twice carefully.Outside is crispy and fragrant, inside is a large size fried tofu with thick and fluffy.
    • Fried chicken

      I did not escape the um flavor of the tofu and confined it.