Yadoya, Nishijinso
Leaving the hospitality of the historic Kyomachiya, modern and comfortable Japanese style inn


Quiet and relaxing Yadoya, in the middle of Kyoto. Nishijinso.

It is easy to do.
My cousin is Kyoto east, west, south and north.
I will help you to enjoy Kyoto only with you.

How about if you ask for a year of good luck after this year's zodiac.

  • Goou Jinja Shinto Shrine

    15 minutes on foot from the hotel. Facing Karasumadori Street, the street is Kyoto Gyoen National Garden.
    Heian Kyo a shrine dedicated to Wake no Kiyomaro Seiko, who contributed to Heian Kyo Kyoto, and is famous for its boun's Koma Inoshishi who Wake no Kiyomaro, and is worshiped as a god of foot.
    How about if you ask for a year of good luck after this year's zodiac.

Guided tour of Kyoto Gyoen National Garden

  • Guided tour of Kyoto Gyoen National Garden

    Every Sunday morning, guided tours of the historical walks are also available at Kyoto Gyoen National Garden, which is about a 10-minute walk from the hotel.
    Please gather at the Former Kaninnomiya Palace of the Imperial Former Kaninnomiya Palace (in the southwest corner of the Kyoto Gyoen National Garden Gyoen National Garden) by 10:00 am.
    After about 2 hours of walking, you can realize the transformation of the garden through the history from Heian to Edo and Meiji. We encourage you to participate once.

Gion Festival

  • Gion Festival, Ulsan, Yamakasa cruiser

    After 2014, the after festival has been revived for the first time in about half a century, and the Yamakasa pilgrimage has come to be held over the two days of the previous festival on July 17 and the festival after 24 days. .
    In the previous festival (Saki Matsuri), you can enjoy the souvenirs such as Chimaki, which can be enjoyed by the Gion-bayashi Gyoza on the Biwa, which can be enjoyed on the Biwayama (from 14th) in front of the tour. After the festival, Emei is from the 21st. If you think about the outing, it is better to go out to Mt. Hikariyama or Mt. Hikariyama before Mt. Hiyama to enjoy a more relaxing and festive atmosphere.
    Enjoy the historical festival of over 1,100 years.

Guide within facilities

  • front desk

    The hotel aims for familiar service that you can satisfy.Located in the center of Kyoto, it is a convenient and convenient accommodation that you can enjoy various Kyoto such as sightseeing, shopping, business and seminar.
    From 1 person to your family, we will welcome you with honorable hospitality.Please have a relaxing and relax.
  • bathroom

    We have a Japanese style bath and a Western style bath with garden courts.

    Every family can relax comfortably.
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Yadoya, Nishijinso


458 Horikawa Higashi-iru Nishi Town, Motoseiganji-dori, Kamigyo Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture

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About 20 minutes from Meishin Kyoto Higashi IC or Minami IC. Kyoto Station, take a taxi for 15 minutes, and get off at the City bus "Ichijo Modoribashi Seimei Jinjamae” 2-minute walk.
8 minutes on foot from Subway Karasuma Line “Imadegawa” Station on the Subway Karasuma Line “Imadegawa” Station.
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