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Things to do

  • You can enjoy it whenever you like

    Middle of Kyoto, less than 10 minutes walk from the Imperial Palace, Nishijin Textile Center will be the opposite sides of the through Horikawa It is a short walk to the Shimosen and Urasenke.
    • It is a very convenient location for sightseeing anywhere in Kyoto.

      Spirit A fine Seimei Jinja Shrine is about two minutes on foot.Let's visit with Asai.
      From the Heian era to a long history of over 1200 years, the rich cultivation brought up by it, the nature that makes a splendid appearance in each of spring, summer, autumn and winter, delicious dishes using plenty of seasonal seasons, shopping in Kyoto You can enjoy it at any time according to your taste.
      For customers arriving we will inform you about traffic in the city.The basics are City bus, and by combining this one-day ticket with Randen, Keihan, the subway, etc., you can cover most of the major tourist destinations in the city. If you decide where you want before arrival you will have a very smooth time without loss of time.
      There is a service which carries luggage from the Kyoto Station to the hotel for a fee.Please inquire details.