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Noto Kankou Hotel


Suzu City Maura Ka 6-1

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In case of using car, it takes about 2 hours and 10 minutes from Kanazawa (the end point to Satoyama Kaido, about 40 minutes get off at Noto Airport IC)
  • For those coming by car

    Hokuriku Highway, Kanazawa Morimoto IC Noto Satoyama Highway, To the Shiroh IC,
    Noto Airport IC via Wajima City (about 40 minutes from Noto Airport IC)

    At Wajima City to Route 249 line, advance in the distal direction along the coast as it is,
    Senmaida → Sosogi Beach → Madoiwa → arrive at Maura Beach

    For those who make reservations, we will send you a map so please contact us.
  • For those arriving by airplane

    It is approximately 40 minutes by car from Noto Airport, to Suzu Road → Yanagida → Sosogi direction

    Discounts for customers who rent a car