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Dinner in the hall.
Changes to room meal per 1,080 yen per person (Advance contact required)
Breakfast will only be served in the hall.
  • Great catch course

    Every morning a fish purchased at a fishing port is boated, besides sea bream and horse mackerel,
    We offer seasonal items by seasons such as flying frogs and bamboo haki.

    <We will receive it separately.>
    Sasae, abalone is representative of Oku Noto Seafood.In addition to eating abalone with sashimi, it is delicious to eat it with a bowl of butter and a bowl of sauce and a butter.
    ※Golden Week, Obon, New Year is excluded day for stop fishing

    From 1 person, 16,200 yen (tax included), with one night's meal
  • Kaiseki course

    Seasonal sashimi, Seaweed Shabushabu most popular menu,
    And, in the spring, wild vegetables, autumn mushrooms etc, neighborhood aunts picked up
    Various mountain foods are also offered for each season.

    Since the menu changes according to the change of the season,
    Each season has a different feeling.

    The number of items for the Kaiseki course is 11 items to 12 items.
    1 person, from 14,040 yen (tax included), with one night's meal

  • Noto Beef Course

    Noto Beef is fine in meat quality and features softness and sweetness like melting on the tongue.
    Especially in the hotel we use a good part of meat quality, so when you bake it is plentiful · plenty of meat juice.
    Because customers themselves bake on the stone-grilling plate,
    Served with seasoning of your choice.
    Also, because the Noto Beef's shabu-shabu comes with it, it's plentiful in volume.

    Besides meat, not only sashimi of Noto, a small bowl of season,
    Guests can enjoy a total of 11 items - 12 items of the Kaiseki course in your room.

    From 1 person, 17,280 yen (tax included), with one night's meal