Natural sprinkling hot springs loved locally

【Official】Nunobiki Kannon Onsen

Nunobiki Kannon Onsen like "Nunoshita Kannon" like powers fall down,
It is a hot spring that is familiar for nearly 30 years in the local area.It is recommended to alternately enter a deep bath and a fresh bathroom where the Yunohana fly.


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Nunobiki Kannon Onsen


498-1 Nunoshita, Tomi City, Nagano Prefecture

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The expressway is located approximately midway between Komoro IC and Tobu Yunomaru IC, Shinano Railway is located between Komoro Station and Tanaka Station

Pick-up presence (condition)
We will pick you up when we can arrange your reservation early and arrange it.
Please inquire in advance.
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Welcome to Nunobiki Kannon Onsen

  • Welcome to Nunobiki Kannon Onsen

    Nunoshita Kannon (left), and Mt Asama who got snow.(Shooting January 29, Heisei (time period) 20)

Nunobiki Kannon Onsen

  • Nunobiki Kannon Onsen

    Nunobiki Kannon Onsen has drilled in the underground rocky ground 850 m in 1976,
    Hot water of 42 degrees (then) with source appeared in this place.This hot water warms the body, soft, as a gentle hot water familiar to the skin
    I am loved by local people.
    Mellow Beauty Skin Water, Sourced Hanging Natural Hot Springs.

Bathing deep water 23 degrees

  • Bathing deep water 23 degrees

    Next to the bath is a "deep water" well with 23 degrees of water per year,
    There is a cold aquarium. Cooling the body warmed by a bathtub with this deep water at 23 degrees,
    Please increase blood circulation and help us improve your health.

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