◉ If you have reserved 2 or more rooms, please make an online reservation for each room.
(We also accept phone calls.)



Wake up in the morning with the song of a little bird,
For a deep sleep at night with the sound of comfortable waves.

Video guide

2,900 yen per car for 3 hours for guests staying in the Minamiboso Taxi Travel plan coupons can be used

  • Enjoy the smooth ride on the train! Try it! Convenient taxi!

    11/30 has been extended to 2/28 next year!
    All 21 course are full of charm.

    It is possible on the day, but if you can make a reservation by the day before
    You can enjoy sightseeing with great satisfaction!

    A regular taxi will cost between ¥10,000 and ¥30,000.

    Let's use it wisely and enjoy the charm of Minamiboso

OASIS WADAURA Chiba Toku Special Edition You can enjoy meals and experiences for 7500 yen❗️

  • Let's enjoy lodging, meals, and activities on a trip to Chiba ❣️

    Stay for less than 10,000 yen! meal! Activity!

    ABC room

    ❶Accommodation + Dinner (meal and one drink) + Experience
    Experience 1. Making your favorite tea bowl on a potter's wheel course
    Weekday 12500 yen → 7500 yen + coupon 3000 yen
    Saturday 13500 yen → 8500 yen + coupon 1000 yen

    Experience ② Ninja Athletic course
    Weekday 11,300 yen → 6,800 yen + coupon 3,000 yen
    Saturday 12,300 yen → 7,800 yen + coupon 1,000 yen

    Experience ③ course fishing even for the first time
    Weekday 11800 yen → 7100 yen + coupon 3000 yen
    Saturday 12800 yen → 8100 yen + coupon 1000 yen

Chiba special trip campaign Nationwide 5000 yen off Weekday 3000 yen coupon until 12/20

  • OASIS WADAURA direct correspondence! Up to 5000 yen off weekdays 3000 yen coupon up to 7 days

    Chiba Travel Campaign Nationwide
    Get a coupon for Jalan or make a direct reservation to OASIS WADAURA Wadaura until December 20th! For direct reservations, please email or call us!

    No meal / 6000 yen → 3600 yen(2 people per room)
    With dinner/8000 yen → 4800 yen(2 people per room)
    Activity + dinner/¥12,500→¥7,500(2 people per room)

    Chiba Travel Campaign Nationwide Target
    Presentation of certificate of vaccination for 3 doses or certificate of negative test results
    and ID required.Please be sure to bring it!
    Details can be found on the Chiba Toku Tabi Campaign Nationwide Website!

    At a free inspection station established by the prefecture
    Negative result certificate is issued in about 15 minutes without reservation on the day!

Crowdfunding for Oasis Mt. Fuji has started!

  • A satoyama restoration project with a dog in the 30,000-tsubo Oasis Mt. Fuji!

    The third oasis, Oasis Mt. Fuji
    A 30,000 tsubo satoyama regeneration project with mountains, streams, old folk houses, nagayamon, and fields!

    Crowdfunding has started!

    On July 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th, we started the first forest preparation and repairing the roof tiles of the nagayamon that were damaged by the typhoon.
    On July 22nd, 23rd and 24th, land preparation, tractor rumbled on flat ground,
    I pulled gravel and prepared a 5-layer septic tank.
    A typhoon has destroyed the road to the top of the mountain, so I tried to build a road up the mountain, but I gave up halfway through!
    In August, OASU Wadaura is fully booked, so we will be closed for the time being.

    In September, we will start installing trailer houses in earnest!

    Please contact us if you would like to visit and participate!

Sauna installation commemoration! "Totou" relieves brain fatigue and refreshes your head and body! Looking for monitors!

  • Sauna is the best of all health methods! It's the most efficient and instant way to get your body and brain in order!

           Looking for a sauna monitor! ¥2000! Reservation required
          (Please refrain from cardiovascular diseases)

               What is Toto?
    ●With adrenaline in the blood and parasympathetic dominance
              The brain and body are refreshing!   
         ① Reset the circuit of the brain and suppress brain fatigue
         (2) Normalization of α wave improves determination and concentration
         ③ Eliminates stiff shoulders and back pain with thermal effect and improved blood flow
         ④ Improves skin metabolism, skin-beautifying effect
         ⑤ Improvement of sleep deprivation, elimination of frustration, ideas come to mind,
         Extend your life by making your meal delicious


  • Finally, the candidate site for the third oasis "Oasis Mt. Fuji" has been decided!

    ◉ Oasis Mt. Fuji candidate site has been decided, and we will do our best to prepare!
    Oasis Minamiyukigaya (urban oasis), OASIS WADAURA(art hotel near the sea), and Oasis Mt. Fuji (Japanese symbol, Diamond Fuji of Mt Fuji Fuji can also be seen, various activities, and glamping, BBQ, sauna
    We are planning a space where you can play with dogs and grow and harvest vegetables.

    ◉ OASIS WADAURA3 Wadaura 3 has been completed.
    We have created an environment where you can work in nature away from the city and stay with a large dog.
    Please see from "Business use" at the top of the HP.
    You can charter 2 to 8 people.

  • High-concentration carbonated hot spring water shower installed! For beautiful skin and health!

    High-concentration carbonated hot spring water shower installation completed!
       Great for beautiful skin and health!
    1 tablet ¥ 200(OASIS WADAURA special 40g Other companies 15g)

    It started when ancient Romans used it as a bathhouse and drinking water.
    The movie "Thermae Romae" depicts the use of hot springs as a treatment for wounds and illnesses in ancient Rome.Among them, Germany has been actively researched and has been used for a long time as a hot spring resort called "Kokoro no Yu" because it does not put a burden on the heart.

    It is said that Western hot spring medicine came into Japan at the end of the Edo period, and research was advanced by researchers who studied hot spring therapy in Germany in the early Showa period.

    Enjoy a bath and shower with high-concentration carbonated hot spring water for health and beauty!
  • Oasis Minamiyukigaya

    Oasis Minamiyukigaya in Ota-ku, Tokyo is
    It is an old folk house 2 minutes from Yukigaya-Otsuka Station Ikegami Line right next to Denenchofu, which retains the remnants of the Showa era.
    There is a lot of greenery, so I wake up with the chirping of small birds.
    In major areas of Tokyo (Tokyo, Shinjuku, Shibuya, Shinagawa, Gotanda, Ebisu, Harajuku) and Yokohama
    You can get there in less than 30 minutes.It is near Haneda Airport

    Take a boat or take a walk at the Senzoku-ike Park
    You can spend a lot of time reading at the library.
    The famous Ikegami Hommon-ji Temple also nearby, so you can spend a quiet time.
    JR Gotanda Station, so it's for those who want to be healed immediately.
    Please contact us for 2 weeks, 3 weeks, 1 month, etc.!

Umisoba Art Hotel OASIS WADAURA

  • Dual life in the city Wadaura whale

    The entire building can be reserved for family, friends, training camps, etc.
    Heal your body with rich nature experiences and healthy workshops in Minamiboso
    You can spend a relaxing time without doing anything.

    In addition, a room full of individuality such as art and hammocks
    You can enjoy each as a private room.

    For everyone, in the near future, an old art house in Ota City, Tokyo【Oasis Minamiyukigaya】
    Seaside art hotel【OASIS WADAURA】
    And "Oasis Mt. Fuji" under construction

    So that you can enjoy the life of 3 bases in 3 oasis
    It works every day, so please look forward to it.

Experience -Activity-

  • Wadaura Asahi

    Let's get up early and worship the sunrise!
    In all things, such as earthing and yoga, "living things"
    It is a sandy beach where you can feel that you are benefiting from the sun.
  • Agricultural experience

    Helping to grow Italian vegetables and rice grown completely without pesticides and chemical fertilizers,
    Helping with farming of Jerusalem artichoke and turmeric, picking loquat flowers, etc.
    We will visit the fields and rice fields near Wadaura.
  • Ninja training

    Ninja history, explanation of the mansion, shuriken and ninja fire starter,
    Rental of "Ninja clothes 8-piece set" that can be a ninja, building a ninja hut, etc.
    Parents and children can enjoy ninja training.

Rooms / Prices -Rooms-

  • Click the link below for details!

    It can accommodate from 1 person up to 40 people.
    A 40-year-old folk house renovated, this simple and clean tatami room is based on black and white.
    We are planning to build a high-concentration carbonated water bath in a separate building, which is recommended for beautiful skin and longevity.

    (For customers in one group who have reserved two or more rooms, please make a reservation for each room.)

Facility introduction -Facility-

  • There are many ways to enjoy it all year round.

    Wadaura is the only active whaling base Kanto
    Beautiful Wadaura Beach,Whale cooking,BBQ,surfing,Canoeing,
    You can enjoy activities such as ninja training, farming experience, fishing, etc.
    You can freely use the system kitchen and use your cooking skills.
    You can take various approaches, so please enjoy it.

Business use -Business-

  • Worcation / management camp by the sea

    OASIS WADAURA is a "seaside art hotel" that can be used for business purposes.
    Limited to 1 group per day/Completely chartered building / Wi-Fi available/Projector rental available/Corona measures OK


  • Meeting space & Wi-Fi available

    The remote "OASIS WADAURA3" can be used as a completely private meeting room.
    Since it is fully equipped with Wi-Fi, online communication such as web conferencing will not be hindered.
    Projectors and screens can also be rented, so please contact us at the time of booking.

New Travel Etiquette -Etiquette-

  • Safe and enjoyable travel avoiding the risk of infection

    ・Ready to put COCOA,Let's start!
    ・Ventilation diligently, fresh outside air is a feast for travel.
    ・Don't forget to take a bath, towels and masks.
    ・It's a large communal bath, a quiet and relaxing hot water.
    ・Don't forget to wear a mask even if you get excited on the night of your trip.
    ・A health check every morning is a fashionable trip.

    The cooperation of each and every one of us will protect everyone's enjoyable journey.
    You, your loved ones, your workers, your tourist destinations.

Transportation Access -Access-

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Hotel Name



958-1 Shimohama, Nigaura, Wada Town, Minamiboso City, Chiba Prefecture

Telephone number



Wadaura Station on the left, cross the railroad crossing, and go down a narrow road toward Wadaura Beach
Turn right at the small crossroads and the third one.

Present! Commemorating the completion of installing a high-concentration carbonated hot spring water shower!

One shower tablet will be given to those staying in March and April! You can use 3 with one coin (¥ 500)!

Reservation / Inquiry

If you have any questions, please contact us.