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Activity / Experience

You can enjoy a variety of "experience" of peripheral Wadaura
Wadaura is the only active whaling base Kanto
In the Wadaura Beach and the abundant nature, which has been certified as 100 Selections of Japanese Beaches
You can experience whale cooking, Game Meat, and many other things.
  • Experience

    • Agricultural experience

      Helping to grow Italian vegetables and rice grown completely without pesticides and chemical fertilizers,
      Helping with farming of Jerusalem artichoke and turmeric, picking loquat flowers, etc.
      We will visit the fields and rice fields near Wadaura.
    • Ninja training

      Ninja history, explanation of the mansion, shuriken and ninja fire starter,
      Rental of "Ninja clothes 8-piece set" that can be a ninja, building a ninja hut, etc.
      Parents and children can enjoy ninja training.
    • Wadaura Asahi

      Let's get up early and worship the sunrise!
      Enjoy the benefits of the sun in all "living things".
      You can feel that you are receiving it.
    • Earthing

      Earthing is a health method that allows you to feel the earth with your bare feet.
      Feel the earth by walking barefoot on the beach,
      It is said that the body is prepared by letting the electromagnetic waves accumulated in the body flow outside.
      Yoga while feeling the sea breeze is also the best.
    • yoga

      Yoga originated from the Indus Valley Civilization 5000 years ago, and it is said that Gautama Buddha was enlightened by the meditation method of yoga.
      In addition, Christ, Laozi, Mahomet, and other things that are the mother of the enlightenment and religious spirit of the Holy Spirit are called yoga meditation methods, which are the methods and ways of thinking that have been practiced since ancient times.
      In Japan, it has Nara Period, and Zen meditation is also a term that refers to yoga meditation, and Kobo Daishi also developed his abilities through yoga.
      Originally, yoga means "connecting" life = nature = truth, and is a method of waking up to the truth and living the correct way of life as a human being, and is a health method for balancing the mind and body in daily life.
      There are different systems and approaches, each of which is different, but the ultimate goal, Samadhi (enlightenment, gaining all the potential of human beings, the fusion of humanity and divinity) is essentially the same. ..
    • Sand bath

      And will be around July, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, you can Sunaburo that all can relax the soul in the beautiful Wadaura of sandy beach forget.
      Nature relieves physical fatigue, sucks out toxins, and spits out the dirt and pollution that has accumulated over the years.
      Three professors, Hirano, Kobayashi, and Ishikawa of Chiba University School of Medicine have announced a study that "Sputiris bacilli in soil and sand prefer to absorb carbon monoxide and convert it into carbon acid gas (carbon dioxide)."
      It has the same effect as the popular carbonated water hot spring bath.
    • Kayak

      A kayak for beginners that you can enjoy in the calm waters of the nearby waves.
      It's a place with no waves or currents, so you can enjoy the fun of paddle boating.
      There is also a half-day and full-day course
    • Fishing experience

      You can catch mackerel, horse mackerel, flatfish, etc. at the nearby beach and Wadaura Port
    • Playing in the sea

    • BBQ

      You can enjoy grilling sweetfish, pacific saury, vegetables, meat, etc. over charcoal in the hearth.
      There is a supermarket and home improvement store 5 minutes by car, so
      You can buy and bring in fresh ingredients and charcoal there.
    • pounding mochi

  • Tourism around Wadaura

    • Roadside Station Wadaura WA・O!

      The sea of whales washed by the Kuroshio Current, and the flower satoyama where many folklore are alive.
      In Wadaura, a small fisherman's town in Minamiboso, the original scenery of Japan in the old days remains.
      "Eat," "walk," "enjoy," and take a leisurely break.
      It is, push style "eat a whale" to enjoy during the journey in the Wadaura
      Please make a detour to various places based on the Roadside Station Wadaura WA・O
      There must be a wonderful discovery just for you.
    • The talk of the town Wadahama

      A restaurant in the Road Station WA・O
    • 【Offer menu】Whale set meal

    • Ryugusha(Matchmaking Bell)

      A power spot of happiness.
    • Shirasuka Beach(Shirasuka)

      Famous for surfing spots.
    • Road Station Rosemary Garden

      Shakespeare themed material, Hanamaru Market.
  • Sightseeing in Minamiboso Peninsula

    • Takabe Shrine, famous for its kitchenette style

    • Hina Doll Festival

    • Saito Goma Firewalking Training

      A wish is to have a dream or a goal.
      When you have a strong heart to fulfill
      That wish will surely come true.
    • Chikura's flower picking

    • Horseback riding experience

    • Tateyama Castle

    • Strawberry Picking

    • Boso Peninsula Tour of Open Deck Bus

    • Nagisa no Eki Tateyama Osaka-kun Gallery

    • Michi-no-Eki (Roadside Station) Furari

    • Location of "The Cape Nostalgia

      A movie starring Sayuri Yoshinaga released in October 2014
      A beautiful cape that became the location for "Cape Nostalgia
    • Banya's lunch

    • Banya's water tank

    • Nakofunakata Gakekannon

    • Nami no Ihachi

      A master craftsman on Boso Peninsula who influenced Hokusai Katsushika