【Official】Ohanami Kyubei

Hotel Facilities

  • Private Open Air Bath

    Private outdoor bath with atmosphere with design and beautiful view popular.
    You can spend your time with the valued person.

    Now, for 45 minutes, 3,240 yen ⇒ 2,700 yen (including tax)

    Advance reservation before the staying day is also possible, but because we want to tell you the latest availability situation for trouble prevention, we will only accept phone booking.
  • Charter rock bath, Kogenishi

    Private room private space private bedrock bathrobe bathrobe (healing anan).
    It is a charter type so you can enjoy it even with first-time people.
    The power of stone that promotes metabolism and healing music invite you to exquisite relaxation.

    * Private room for 50 minutes, 1 person 2,160 yen(tax included)
  • terrace

    A terrace where you can enjoy talking and reading while watching various valley beauties every season.
    The river sounds healed comfortably, and it is recommended for a rest of the boat.
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Hotel Name

Yamanaka Onsen, Ohanami Kyubei


Ishikawa Prefecture Kaga shi Yamanaka Onsen Shimotani-cho D 138-1

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【car】About 20 minutes from Hokuriku Expressway Kaga IC.【Electric train】Free transfer from JR Hokuriku Main Line Kagaonsen Station (about 20 minutes)

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