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Information on cuisine

New cuisine of Onsen Ryokan that has evolved traditional Kaga cuisine.
It is not only delicious, but also a delicious memorable dish.
  • Sakura Goyomi Kaiseki

    Ohanami Kyubei"basic cooking course"
    Soup or clear soup using Kaga vegetables and the original Jibu-ni including tasty Wagyu beef; based on the tradition of Kaga, we offer the new inn's multi-course meals to which creativity and originality are added.
  • Sakura Goyomi Kaiseki Oka Ranman

    Ohanami Kyubei, I'd like you to enjoy it."Sakura Goyomi Kaiseki Meal 〜Ouka Ranman〜"
    This is a course which added special cuisine to "Sakura Goyomi Kaiseki" of the hotel.
    The additional special cuisine is one item that can help you make fun memories that remain in commemoration of 'Special Selection Stone Grilled Steak' directing cherry blossoms in full bloom by a unique technique.
  • Up·Sosaku Kaiseki Meal

    Ohanami Kyubei recommends with confidence "an upscale creative banquet restaurant".
    We offer memorable dishes that you have never eaten before, including not only the content and quality of the dishes, but also the appearance and direction.

    Especially, we recommend this course for guests using guest room "Rokusho-an" with outdoor bath
  • Farewell party meal

    No more kaiseki cuisine with "luxury food" and "craftsmanship".
    Due to the ingredients and contents, we will limit the number of groups to 2 groups per day.
    In addition, applications are accepted up to 3 days before the date of stay.