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  • What is SAKURA ...

    The most common and most loved flower in Japan.That is SAKURA (cherry blossoms).
    Unlike a rose where the appearance is flashy, there are dignified glamor and inner beauty that does not decorate on cherry blossoms.
    And Sakura enrichs the heart of the viewer and gives a pleasant time.

    From ancient times to modern times, we Japanese have found a big role in such cherry blossoms.
    Blooming at once, it will get scattered.
    The heart that thinks such a cherry tree is beautiful is a heart that makes good "such as for once in a while", "encounter and parting" and "turning point in life".

    And that is part of life that communicates with the roles and meanings of "travel".
  • What we really want to offer ...

    Ohanami Kyubei really wants to offer.
    That's "a pleasant time."
    Rather than simply providing "hot springs," "rooms," and "cooking."
    Through these we provide customers with a pleasant journey time.

    Indeed, to feel the time of cherry blossoms gorgeous to travelers.

    This is the back of a museum named "Ohanami Kyubei",
    It is our mission as a hot spring inn.

    "Ohanami Kyubei"' "Ohanami" enjoy a pleasant time.
    And "Kyubei" represents the name of the founder of this inn.

    Even when the times change, even if the shape of the inn changes, we will offer a fun time
    I will never forget the origin of the inn.
    Such strong feelings are put in the name of "Ohanami Kyubei".
  • In this place, in Yamanaka Onsen"to keep changing"

    Cherry blossoms have been compared to the word "impermanence" for a long time,
    It means "It moves all things in this world".

    And this word is also important to us, Ohanami Kyubei.

    Yamanaka Onsen is a historical spa resort.
    While cherishing the origin of traditional culture and inhabitants in such a mountainous area,
    It is very meaningful to keep changing as the times change.

    So we will remain forever,
    This is what I think.

    "I want to be an inn that keeps blooming while changing shape for customers."