Yuyado Ohkura
Yubatake 5-minute walk from Yubatake, a private bath with a private bath with a Famous Jizo Source Yubatake.

【Official】Yuyado Ohkura

Entrance·Guide of lobby

  • Entrance

    Ohkura Ryokan is the entrance of Ohkura Ryokan.
    Please come welcome. Is cheers for good work.It is an unchanging hospitality, and has been used by many customers for a long time.
  • A (Tsukubai)

    The sum miniature decorated in places in the facility,
    It has a taste of Japanese style.
  • lobby

    Please check here during check-in / stay / check-out.
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Hotel Name

Yuyado Ohkura


290 Kusatsu, Kusatsu Town, Agatsuma County

Telephone number



Kan-etsu Expressway Nerima IC - 103 Km - Shibukawa Ikaho IC - R353, R145 - Naganohara - R292 - Kusatsu Onsen
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Information 1

  • AI Concierge

    As for the question, AI will answer from here.
  • Kusatsu Onsen is a summer resort with an average temperature of 17.8 °

    Kusatsu Onsen located in the highland of 1,200 m is a summer resort with an average temperature of 17.8 °.
    Please spend a pleasant summer wrapped in the cool wind of the plateau.
    The installation of the air conditioner is only available in some rooms.(From 25th July to 25th August)
  • WiFi available

    WiFi router connection is complete.
    Depending on the obstacles it may be difficult to connect in the room.

Information 2

  • Precautions from Yuyado-Ohkura

    ① Because it is a building built on a sloping ground, there is no elevator.
     If you have a bad feet please consult us when making a reservation.
    ② There is no karaoke facility due to sound leakage in the whole building wooden frame.

    For customers coming for the winter season
    ③ In the winter (November to April), please come by car winter equipment (studless or chain).
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    Payment at checkout can not be used for credit cards.
    Please note.
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