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About cooking

~Know the taste and make luxury of hospitality~

It is information about cooking.

The picture is an example, so it depends on the season and purchase.
So thank you in advance for your understanding.
  • Appetizer

    About sea, river, mountain season materials are 3 ~ 4 kinds.
  • Toban-Yaki (grilled on a ceramic pan) (summer)

    A popular Toban-Yaki (grilled on a ceramic pan) with Joshu Inaka Pork from Gunma Prefecture.
  • Sashimi

    We are offering only what I thought was fresh seafood delicious with certain eyes of board length.
  • Fried food

    Please enjoy the texture and taste of crunchy crunchy crispy seasonal ingredients with craftsmanship technique.
  • pottery

    Take advantage of the seasonal ingredients, bake it for a while.