Hida-Beef is like staying staying after eating.

【Official】Oyado Senju

Hida-Beef meal and your favorite drink (Do not forget ice) You can bring in freedom (empty cans, empty bottles and so on are taken home) in a trivial inn. Other is a small inn that there is not much good place saying this.

Hida-Beef shabu-shabu hot Very Happy plan

  • Hida-Beef shabu-shabu hot Very Happy plan

    Hida-Beef's warm shabu, beef steak, mini roast beef is the main
    From 13,800 yen

Rooms: The futon has been spread from the beginning.

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212 Hitoegane Okuhida Onsen Village, Takayama City

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Take the bus to Shin-Hotaka and get off at Zentsuji-Mae.Pick-up service available upon request (required contact).
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All five small accommodations

  • = Hida Beef dishes plenty of volumes =

    Hida-Beef shabu-shabu hot Very Happy plan
    From 13,800 yen
  • Hida-Beef steak plan

    Hida-Beef Gyuu shabu-shabu plan
    From 13,300 yen
    It is slightly small, but we will prepare it in a private room.
    The use hours are until 8:30.
  • Bring a drink OK! Please bring ice, please

    As for breakfast, Hida-Beef's grilled houba, magnolia leaves with miso will come out!
    Bringing in drinks to the restaurant is also OK!
    Drinking glasses are taken home.
    ※Please prepare the ice by customer.
    ※Cup rental OK!
    The use hours are until 8:30.

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0578-89-3388, FAX: 0578-89-3377