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  2. Char-grilled·Kaiseki Meal

Char-grilled·Kaiseki Meal

High ceiling with large beams
From the window you can see the seasonal trees and Mt Yufu, digging in a spacious space
In the evening, the lighted-up trees can be hidden from the window and hospitality to customers in the facility enveloped in a fantastic atmosphere
  • Lodging

    Fresh sashimi and fish from Oita Bungo Suido cuisine, seasonal highland vegetables, carefully selected Bungo Beef, Akaniwatori and charcoal kaiseki course who can enjoy in charcoal-grilled, beef shabu-shabu Kaiseki depending on the season, the other, the kaiseki cuisine of the season You can appreciate it.
    ※Sumikuma is a facility for guests only and can not be used by ordinary guests.
    ※Responding to your request, prime of sashimi, special cuisine, we will accept by reservation (charged)
  • Char-grilled kaiseki(1st night)

    Oita Bungo Suido It is a course that you can enjoy fresh sashimi, fish dishes, seasonal highland vegetable dishes, carefully selected Bungo Beef and red chicken with charcoal grilling.
    ※The contents may change depending on the season and situation.
  • Cow shabu kaiseki(2nd night)

    It is a kaiseki course that you can have carefully selected cow with shabu-shabu.Please enjoy the original taste of cows.
    Please eat fun tofu made with delicious groundwater and fresh seasonal highland vegetables happily.
    ※The contents may change depending on the season and situation.
  • Fugu course(Limited Season)

    Depending on your request, we will prepare blowfish course and other special kaiseki at additional charge.(Reservation required)
    ※Depending on the season and reservation situation, it may not be accepted.