The only view from the Open-air bath Roman&Honoka at an altitude of 800m in Ikaho is a superb view. Kindness is the best in Ikaho! We are waiting for your visit to our slogan.

【Official】Nagomigokoro No Yado Omori

I am aiming for a relaxing accommodation whether it was familiar.

Taisho Time Period (1912-1926) 8th and celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2019, the hotel is not a modern inn with well-equipped facilities.
As an inn that you can spend with bare feet, keep in mind the inside of the facility and wait for your visit with hospitality hospitality.
For the 100th anniversary of our foundation, we will strive to concentrate on one staff and make it a joyful and pleasant memorable trip.
Aiming for "an accommodation that rejoices in being familiar with ..." ...


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Ikaho Onsen, Nagomigokoro No Yado Omori


58 Ikaho Town, Shibukawa City, Gunma Prefecture

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JR Shibukawa Station end point at Ikaho Onsen bus from JR Shibukawa Station Ikaho Onsen walk 1 minute
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