2. Information on cuisine

Information on cuisine

Cook of the fresh omori is "local production of local consumption".Please enjoy Gunma - like dishes.

  • Cook of the fresh omori is "local production of local consumption".It is a cuisine like Gunma, which is a cuisine that can be tasted only here.

    A chef in Nagomigokoro No Yado Omori with a feeling of reassurance has been working since around Heisei 12, wanting to make a menu using ingredients of the local production of local enthusiasm for passion.
    Because it is a pleasure to visit the hot spring resort of Gunma, it was my desire to have customers happy with the hospitality of Yamazato.

    Because we started local production of local products quickly, we can also get rare ingredients from the prefecture and we can also enjoy things we can not usually eat.
    Even now, we are looking for crispy and other owner and service manager himself for the rare ingredients of Gunma prefecture and delicious vegetables of Gumma peculiar species.
    I would be pleased if you could enjoy such passionate cuisine.
  • Party cuisine (dinner) to taste the mountains and river Nagomigokoro No Yado Omori of Gunma of Nagomigokoro No Yado Omori

    Surrounded by mountains, Ikaho Onsen is a beautiful land of the four seasons.
    Cooking also expresses seasonal shifts with ingredients, cooking methods, breads and so on.
    In addition to hot springs, we are preparing passion for cherishing the taste of the material carefully so that customers who are coming to enjoy the nature of Gunma willingly will be pleased.

    Nagomigokoro No Yado Omori are the following dinner course at Nagomigokoro No Yado Omori.
    "Lunch party meal" ... It is a cuisine cuisine prepared carefully without leaving troublesome ingredients carefully selected from all over the country including local fresh vegetables.We will challenge our passion for the chief chef.
    "Relaxing Kaizen cuisine with Joshu Beef" ... The main dish is a dish using "Joshu Beef".The mountain has good ... Make it while reclaiming river and sea things using things of the ground as much as possible
    It is a kaiseki cuisine.
    "Heiwa no yakuza kaiseki cuisine with Shimanto Joshu Mochi Pork" ... The main cuisine is a dish using "Joshu Mochi Pork".Menu is rustic but rich in richness.
  • In the morning when refreshing in hot springs please enjoy a delicious Japanese meal set. A breakfast of omori with a relaxed atmosphere

    8 passionate breakfast
    I will prepare a breakfast which I thought so that I could spend the day refreshing the day using local vegetables and eggs.
  • Guidance for bespoke cuisine of Japanese style fresh omori

  • Local ingredients for local consumption

Bespoke food

  • "Bone wine of rockfish"

  • "Deep fried chicken"

  • "Mimaki no Tempura"

  • "Joshu Mochi Pork shabu shabu-shabu"

  • "Batting of bonito"

  • "Uezu Joshu Beef shabu-shabu"