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Room Information

While feeling the nature of Ikaho the color of the four seasons studded

The hotel has various room types.
Both rooms are arranged with color scheme of the four seasons with yuzen flowers and flowers of blooming flowers in Ikaho.
You can choose according to your needs from group travel to group travel.
  • Special Japanese Room for Family / Group "Hana Asobi"(60 square meters)

    "Hana Asobi" on the 4th floor of the hotel is a special Japanese-style room with only one room next to the hotel.There are also 2 bathrooms using luxurious cypress, massage chair and toilets with washlet.It can be used for grouping from 8 to 15 families and groups.
  • Upper Floor View Japanese Style(18 square meters to 25 square meters)

    It is a view room in the upper floor.Please enjoy the scenery of Joshu which you can relax that time every season.Some rooms have a view bath that allows you to take a relaxing bath while wishing for the mountains.
  • Twin with view bath with views of the mountains (21 square meters)

    Twin rooms with a bathing bath viewing the mountains of Joshu which renewed in May 2014 are popular.A room featuring a Ryukyu Tatami Mattress and a comfortable chair.
  • Japanese + Western-style room(18 square meters + twin room)

    I relaxed a little relief on the tatami, and when I get a rest, I sleep well in the fluffy bed until morning.Also, it is recommended for guests who have comfortable beds because the legs and waist hurts.You can enjoy both Japanese and Western atmosphere.
  • Japanese style room(18 square meters to 25 square meters)

    A number of Japanese-style rooms (18 sq m to 25 sq m) will each welcome guests with different styles.In the case of room meals, you can relax and relish your dishes.

    ※The availability of room meals may vary depending on the contents of the plan etc.
  • Small Japanese style room(10 Square Meter Room)

    This hidden popular room is compact for 10 sq. Meters, perfect for guests staying alone.In a small building, it is a room where you can feel the comfort of Wa.
  • Western-style single business type(10 Square Meter Room)

    The Western-style type you can use for business is a semi-double bed.
  • Indoor furniture·Amenity goods

    Toilet (partial) / soap (liquid) / body soap / rinse in shampoo / toothbrush set (TV) / telephone / Internet connection (password on Wi-Fi) / kettle pot / tea set / fridge / hair dryer / / Towel / Bath towel / Yukata robe / Tabi

    The use of relaxation depends on the plan.
  • Lending Equipment

    Nail clippers / thermometer / ice pillow / electric stand / eco humidifier / portable charger / facial cleansing form / make-up remover
    Baby goods, (Bedwetting mat / children's chair (Bumbo)/Hot water temperature gauge / bucket for diapers / auxiliary toilet seat / subsidiary platform table)
  • Other fixtures

    Razor comb is on 1F large public bath.
    Shower cap is at the front desk.

Number of rooms

37 rooms in total:Western-style room 4 rooms / Japanese-style room 29 rooms / Japanese + Western room 2 rooms / 6 other rooms
Western-style breakdown: Single room 1 room(-) /2 double rooms(-) /2 twin rooms (-)

Standard room facilities

All rooms Bath toilet / All rooms Shower / All rooms Air conditioning / Television / Refrigerator (with chargeable beverages)


Hand towel / toothbrush·Toothpaste / bath towel / shampoo / rinse / body soap / soap / yukata / hair dryer / shaving / shower toilet / shower cap / cotton swab / comb·brush

Facility content

Table tennis(Toll) / Irori / bar / bar(Toll) / Banquet room / Karaoke facility(Toll) / Lounge / Non Smoking Room / Icemaker

Service & Leisure (including arrangement)

Room service / beauty salon(Toll) / Massage(Toll) / golf(Toll) / Fishing(Toll) / horse riding(Toll) / Ceramics(Toll) / Buckwheat noodles(Toll) / Day use(Toll) Shogi(Toll) / Go(Toll) Mahjong(Toll) / Gymnasium(Toll) / ground(Toll) / Tennis(Toll)

Credit cards available locally

JCB / Visa / Master / AMEX / UC / DC / NICOS / Diners / SAISON / UFJ / Debit Card

Standard check-in time


Standard checkout time


Supplement for amenity

Regarding the Internet connection, you can not connect in the room, but you can use wireless LAN at the 3rd floor lobby and Irori.For customers who have laptops etc, please use.