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  2. Information on surrounding sightseeing

Information on surrounding sightseeing

Major surrounding tourist facilities

  • World Heritage Tomioka Silk Mill / Haruna Ko (lake) Mt Haruna Ropeway / Ikaho Onsen Ishidangai

    • World Heritage Tomioka Silk Mill

      A model instruments silk mill established by the Meiji Period (1868 - 1912) government for the purpose of modernization

      Early in the Meiji Period (1868 - 1912) era, the government promoted the modernization of industries and other places in order to take a position equally with foreign countries.Export of raw silk that put power to collect funds.In order to improve the quality of raw silk, to improve production, and to train technical leaders, we decided to build a model factory equipped with Western style reeling instruments, and Tomioka Silk Mill was built.It is left in almost the same appearance until now.

      ■One hour by car from the hotel
    • Haruna Ko (lake) Mt Haruna Ropeway

      Caldera Lake where the graceful appearance of Haruna Fuji is displayed

      On the lake the pleasure boat is in service, you can enjoy it with a boat boat, swan boat etc.The lakefront is popular as a summer resort because it is close to Ikaho Onsen, and there are excursions such as tennis camps, and Haruna Fuji Mairi by ropeway.In the periphery there is a yugege group cloth, which is famous for making beautiful flowers in the summer.

      ■20 minutes by car from the hotel
    • Ikaho Onsen Ishidangai

      The symbol of Ikaho Onsen is extended to Stone Steps with “365 Steps” of Stone Steps with “365 Steps”

      Souvenir shops, Manjyu-ya shops and amusement Manjyu-ya are lined up with stone steps, and the spa atmosphere of the hot springs is plentiful and the tourist's journey is aroused.Now the stone steps has been in large renovated over a period of five years from Showa Period (1926 - 1989), has been laid is granite.There is a feeling that makes you feel history.
  • Takehisa Yumeji Ikaho Memorial Hall / Ikaho Green Ranch / Mizusawa Temple Mizusawa Udon Town

    • Takehisa Yumeji Ikaho Memorial Hall

      Numerous works by Takehisa Yumeji, a painter representing Taisho Time Period (1912-1926) Romant

      Takehisa Yumeji is a painter, poet and leaves a lot of beautiful paintings.Takehisa Yumeji Ikaho Memorial Hall exhibits a wide range of works including numerous beautiful paintings, design paintings, watercolors and drawings, including representative work by Takehisa Yumeji, "Kurofune-ya", and 10,000 thousand items related to Yumeji It is an art museum that has researched and exhibited various exhibitions.

      ■12 minutes on foot from the hotel
    • Ikaho Green Ranch

      Good access! Ranch soft ice cream is excellent!

      A powerful "Sheep Dog Show" where breeding goats, sheep, cows, horses, rabbits and sheep dogs and sheep dogs control about 100 sheep clusters is held every day.Horse riding, horse-drawn carriages can be experienced, handmade butter experience, archery and putter golf can also be done so it is a spot that you can enjoy from adults to children for 1 day.

      ■7 minutes by car from the hotel
    • Mizusawa Temple Mizusawa Udon Town

      Collaboration between historic temple and udon!

      An ancient temple of Tendai Sect with a history of 1,300 years which was said to have been built in the Asuka period.Visit is free, payment reception from 8 o'clock to 17 o'clock, Shakado worshiping from 9 o'clock to 16 o'clock.Around the Mizusawa Temple, noodles are erected and you can taste "Mizusawa Udon" with over 400 years history in one of Japan's three great udon.Mizusawa Temple is said that the Mizusawa Temple behaved as a worshiper is the origin.

      ■8 minutes by car from the hotel
  • Other tourist facilities

    • Gumma Glass Art Museum

      7 minutes by car from the hotel
    • Shibukawa Skyland Park

      9 minutes by car from the hotel
    • Ikaho Toy, Doll and Car Museum

      13 minutes by car from the hotel
    • Earth shop Haruna glass

      13 minutes by car from the hotel
    • Usaburo Kokeshi

      17 minutes by car from the hotel
    • Japan Chanson Museum

      19 minutes by car from the hotel
  • Golf course information around the hotel

    There are many golf courses in the vicinity of "Nagomigokoro no Yado Omori"!

    There are several golf courses around the hotel.It can be said that it is user-friendly because there are fun golfing lodging overnight and some golf courses with night equipment.Enjoy Enjoy a lot of golf.