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Meal plan

★Body-friendly meal menu with healthy ingredients★

For dinner, please choose from crab figure · barbecue · pot

Autocellular vegetables, Wild plants, Non-pesticide rice, Additive-free miso soy sauce, Canadian snow crab, Sashimi, Mozuku, yam, Enzyme vegetables & fruits, Fermented food, Silas, salmon, Shizuoka Prefecture & JA Shizuoka certified egg,
We offer safe and secure meals such as Tofu, Lakanto (sweetener), Agar, Sesame Oil, Sesame Oil, Olive Oil, and Natural Seaweed Kelp Dashi (Please refer to the following supplier list)
  • Crab size figure plan

    I think that you can satisfy your stomach such as crab crumbs and sashimi, fruit prime, beef dish, mainly, marinated shrimp, fried from hot ayu, vinegared dish, fragrance etc.An entire crab is one animal
    Slice and serve it for easy eating.Crab meat is high quality protein and low fat, crab miso contains a lot of vitamins and minerals so it is good for diet and well balanced nutrition

    For breakfast, salmon, cheese salad (cheese, lettuce, tomato, seaweed, onions) rough salt semi-mature egg, yam, plate laver, fruit, yoghurt, fresh miso soup etc.Breakfast is the beginning of the day.Vegetables, An enzyme
    We will offer you raw, seaweed, fruits and so on.

  • Burn charcoal grill! Plan

    The charcoal fire is the best for yakiniku! You can eat soft and delicious just by smashing with a charcoal stove.In addition to the classic sashimi and crab slices as main, other fried marinade and fried hot sweet fried,
    I think you can satisfy your stomach such as fruits.In the case of bad weather, indoor furnace ends or with covered screen.On sunny days outdoors.With only family members, family members, and workplace groups.You can enjoy it all year round!
  • ★Crab and seafood and ducks! Local mushroom vegetables! Hot Pot Plan★

    Duck meat with crab, seafood and dumplings is outstanding! It is a pot of local mushrooms and vegetables.
    Other than that, shrimp marinade, fried from sweet ayu, dish of vinegared dish, fruit, fragrance etc.
    Immune power, nutritional balance is good for diet too! Private room dedicated to a pot is limited to 12 people.
  • Breakfast example

    Healthy breakfast! , salad(cheese, lettuce, Raw seaweed, Tomato, onion),
    Grilled fish of salmon, yam, Boiled egg, Sheet of laver, Yogurt, fruits, rice, Shijimi's miso soup
  • Self cooking plan

    Dinner satisfying with a nice ingredient happy fun! When using the barbecue facilities, it is covered when it is rainy, at the end of the indoor furnace in winter, it is sunny
    The day can be 2 to 50 people outside the year.It is safe if you are concerned about insects with a roof, barbecue facilities with insect netting.Private Room
    The furnace edge 3, 2 for the family furnace end 2, 10 people For the furnace edge 1, 30 people Please enjoy at the hearth edge 1.Bringing drinks is free too
  • ★Major ingredients suppliers★

    JA No no Station Izu(miso, Soy sauce, salt, vinegar, Pickled plum, seaweed, ,Egg, Vegetables, Root vegetables, mushroom, Fruit etc.)
    Keiailand(Yes)Izu Keigyo, Passion-free in-house feed, An open egg.Shizuoka Prefecture Food Selection & Shizuoka Forestry and Fisheries certified Chicken Egg

    Imawa butcher (Australian Beef is a safety beef that is grown on non-genetically modified diets without meat and bone meal and has cleared EUSSC (EFSA Scientific Committee) standard level 1

    Kotoku Co Ltd (Swayani is mainly from Aryu- Aleutian Islands Canada). salmon, Scallop scallop, Silas)

    Suzuki Farm(145-7 Moriki,Izunokuni City, Telephone 0558-76-4445)Non-pesticide rice production

    Road Station Seasonal Music(Old-fashioned farmhouse rural miso, Processed soybean, Local vegetables, Root vegetables, mushroom, fruit, Umeboshi etc.Max Valu Tokai Shuzenji Shop fish, Blue fish, salmon, sashimi, seaweed
    MOA Co Ltd Soy sauce, miso, vinegar (without domestic soybean, domestic wheat, domestic crude salt use not genetically modified)