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hotel ricorso hirosaki


Aomori Prefecture Hirosaki City Castle Tohoku 3-10-1 Sakurano Department Store Hirosaki Shop 4th floor

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Get off at JR Hirosaki Station, about 5 to 20 minutes by Joto loop line 100 yen bus


  • When using a car

    Access method 1: Tokyo
    Tohoku Expressway Aomori - to Tohoku Expressway Aomori district Owani Hiroshi IC ~ about 15 minutes to national highway Route 7 to the Aomori Direction

    Access method 2: Aomori
    Tohoku Expressway Hirosaki toward Tohoku Expressway Hirosaki - Kuroishi IC - Route 102 to National Route 7

    Parking:Present(Free)Plane, There is a multi-car park

    Free parking lot (Sakurano Department Store Hirosaki Shop main building) can accommodate up to 1000 cars.
    Stop at the multi-storey parking rooftop floor, you will enter the department store main building 4th floor.
    ※Please also note that there is also a multi-level parking lot in the department store annex.

    Sakurano entrance when closing a department store
    ① Department store main building entrance(From 08:00 to 24:00)
    ② Department Store main building entrance(24 hours available)
  • In case of using the Joto Easy circulation 100 yen bus

    Depending on road conditions, there may be time lag.
    Please move with time in margin.
  • Sakurano Department Store Hirosaki Shop Information on entrance when closing Sakurano Department Store Hirosaki Shop