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Welcome to Hotel Shosenkaku, Romankan

We will guide you on how to access Hotel Shosenkaku, Romankan.

A magnificent view of Kumamoto · Amakusa is a hot spring building just across the 4th bridge of Five Bridges of Amakusa.

Please enjoy various colors every season.
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Hotel Name

Hotel Shosenkaku, Romankan


Kamamoto Prefecture Kami-Amakusa City Matsushima cho Shijitsu 6215-21

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20 minutes by car from JR Misumi Station, 17 minutes by Takarajima Line, 60 minutes by car from Amakusa Airport, 60 minutes by car from Kyushu Jukan Expressway Matsubase IC.

Pick-up presence (condition)
  • For those coming by car

    Access method 1: Kumamoto
    Matsushima cho to Misumi - Matsubase direction - Matsubase IC - National Route 218 from Route 226 toward Amakusa

    Access method 2: Kumamoto City


    Parking of 25 cars can be parked
  • People who come by train

  • People who come by bus

    Kyushu Sanko Bus, Amakusa(Hondo)To go, Amakusa-go, "Rapid·Super fast "
  • For those arriving by ferry

    Shimatetsu Ferry, (Kuchinotsu Town, Nagasaki Prefecture ~ Itsuwa Town, Kumamoto Prefecture)
    ※Misumi periodic route connecting Misumi and Hondo"Amakusa Takarajima Line"
    Misumi is a high-speed ship connecting Misumi ⇔ Matsushima in 15 minutes.

    A wonderful location in Kyushu, one of the best locations along the route,
    You can enjoy it not only as a public transport but also as a tourist cruise route.