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Amakusa ocean is a treasure house of Shiranui Ocean the east, Ariake Ocean Shiranui Ocean the west, Amakusa Nada, surrounded by the sea.

Especially Ariake Ocean is a valuable waters area rarely nationwide in which big first class rivers of Chikugo River, Shirakawa, Midorikawa River flow into the same sea.
In the upper stream, the vast forests of Aso and the mountains of Kuju are spreading.All born minerals come into the Ariake Ocean.

Another feature of the Ariake Ocean is that the difference in tide is large.The tide difference at the time of high tide reaches as much as 4 meters, it is also the sea where the tide flow is fast.
Including white fish such as red snapper, white squirrel and cod roe, large fish such as mackerel, sardine, blue fish, Hakuhachi, abalone, azalea, shallow, 蛤
Shellfishes, crab shells represented by migratory crabs and car shrimp are also famous seas as a nationwide production area.

In recent years, production of meat has been actively carried out, and you can enjoy sterile pork "Amakusa Plum-fed Pork" raised with vision resurrected chicken "Amakusa Daio" or plum meat extract.

Please choose from various accommodation gourmet plan.In addition, please do not hesitate to inform me of foods that customers are not good at.We will be happy to receive requests and changes.
  • Japanese Spiny Lobster

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  • The specialty of the hotel "Prawn Prawn Horaku Grill"

  • The hotel specialty Higo Brown Cattle Beef Grill of Higo Brown Cattle Beef shabu-shabu"

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