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Surrounding tourism

  • Cultural facilities and power spot, - Kami-Amakusa had dreamed of freedom and peace, the stage of history.~

    • Amagi Bridge(Birthplace)

      May 20th, 18th
      Amakusa new bridge was opened in Amakusa.

      "Misumi Oyano road" connecting Kami-Amakusa City and Uki City
      One letter of Amakusa"heaven" and Uki city "castle"
      It was named "Amagi Bridge" - Tenno - kyo.

      It is 463 meters in total length, the largest in Japan as an arch bridge
      In the construction method called "solid rib arch", it is the first bridge that boasts the longest in Japan.
      You can pass for free as well as the former No. 1 Bridge.

    • Nagasaki·Amakusa Region latent religious Christians related heritage

      July 18
      Amakusa first world heritage is born in Amakusa.

      "Nagasaki·Amakusa Region latent Christians related heritage "
      Please enjoy secret faith in Christians in the period of baptism in the history of Amakusa dictionary.
      Tell the unique cultural tradition of religion that you cultivated while you continue
      "12 constituent assets" will be one of them.

      "Sakitsu church" on the tatami mat floor of Sakizu village, "Mary Kannon" to be built toward the ocean, etc.
      Please enjoy the time of touching the history of Amakusa.

    • Five Bridges of Amakusa

      Five Bridges of Amakusa number one bridge, the bridge of the foundation that connects the Kyushu mainland and the Amakusa Islands, also known as the heaven Gate Bridge.

      Five Bridges of Amakusa there are other bridges from No. 2 to No. 5 bridges, you can enjoy various designs and beautiful scenery.
    • Sendai

      In the spring, planting forest cherry blossoms and native wild cherry blossoms are in full bloom, and the view from Sengama mountain entertains visitors throughout the year.

      Also, during the outburst of Amakusa and Shimabara 1637 (Years of 1637), Shigeta Amakusa Shiro Shiro was on this summit
      It was told that we had drinking alcohol with a banquet of going out, and was previously called Mt.
    • Kami-Amakusa Country Park Hanami Koido Observation Deck

      From the observatory which imaged the sailboat you can enjoy a view of 360 degrees, especially the sunset over the Ariake Ocean is a magnificent view.

      【Address】 Oya-cho town, Kami-Amakusa City, Kumamoto prefecture
    • Shigeru Amakusa Memorial Hall

      At this Memorial Hall, Shigeru Amakusa and the people will come up with real figures and I will tell the feeling that I am still alive now.

      【Address】 Kami-Amakusa City Ōyano in the Kami-Amakusa City Kumamoto Prefecture 977-1
      【phone】 0964-56-5311
      【time】 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
    • Hydrangea

      Approximately 400 hydrangeas will celebrate in the middle of June.
      It is a sightseeing spot in the rainy season.

      【Address】 Omiyano choation Kamamoto prefecture Kami-Amakusa City Tohno
    • Yushima(Rigging island)

      Ariake Ocean remote island floating in the Ariake Ocean.Since the Amakusa and Shimabara representatives of the two forces collaborated in the "Battle of Amakusa / Shimabara", it is also called "Rigging island".

      【Address】 Yujima Oya-no-cho, Uenagusa Kami-Amakusa City, Kumamoto Prefecture
  • Leisure spot, ~ Beautiful blue, to the sea of Amakusa.~

    • Fisherina Amakusa

      New marine life such as club house of Mediterranean-like image blended into nature spreads widely.Also adjacent to Pearl Sun Beach, you can enjoy swimming in the summer.

      【Address】 Kumamoto Prefecture Kami-Amakusa City Matsushima cho Shigetsu 7500
      【phone】 0969-56-3043
    • Pearl Line Tourism

      Please enjoy the journey of 5-Bridge Cruise and Dolphin Watching.

      【Address】 Aizu, Matsushima cho Kami-Amakusa City, Kumamoto prefecture
      【phone】 0969-56-0678
    • Sea Cruise

      In dolphin cruising (dolphin watching) you can meet wild bandworm dolphins in Amakusa throughout the year.

      【Address】 Kamamoto prefecture Kami-Amakusa City Matsushima cho Shijitsu 6215-22
      【phone】 0969-56-2458
    • Spa · Thalasso Amakusa

      With the backing of a complex of hot springs and Thalasso therapy born in France, there is no doubt that further delicious and healthy cuisine and a mind and body will be healed with a view.

      【Address】 732-14 on Oyano-machi Kami-Amakusa City, Kumamoto Prefecture
      【phone】 0964-56-1126
    • Amakusa Shiro Park

      A park where various flowers can be enjoyed every season.The entrance is free, the love bell and Amakusa Shiro Memorial Hall are also located in this park.

      【Address】 Kami-Amakusa City Ōyano in the Kami-Amakusa City Kumamoto Prefecture 977-1
      【phone】 0964-56-5311
    • Nishium Beach(Calm Beach)

      There are islands floating in a rich natural location, beautiful nature sandy beaches and ocean bays, so the environment is so good that you can taste a little private beach atmosphere.

      【Address】 Aizu, Matsushima cho Kami-Amakusa City, Kumamoto prefecture
      【Contact Information】 Optical Island
      【phone】 0969-56-3647
    • Tamago Beach(Pearl Sun Beach)

      On sunny days, Unzen Fugendake and Nagasaki Nose are clearly visible, and it is a very viewable beach.

      【Address】 Aizu, Matsushima cho Kami-Amakusa City, Kumamoto prefecture
      "Contact Information", Sea house
      【phone】 0969-56-3839
    • Wakuwaka Aquarium Sea Donut

      Although it is an aquarium floating in the ocean, exhibits of freshwater fish are enriched, too.Since there is also an exhibition room on the second floor part, do not forget to take a look.

      【Address】 Kimoto Prefecture Kamigusaki- Kami-Amakusa City Matsushima cho Aizu 6225-7
      "phone", 0969-56-2570
  • Gourmet Spot, ~ Delicious food ingredients to take in Kami-Amakusa ~

    • Seafood, Fukunobu

      A wide range of repertoires ranging from sashimi to creative dishes are popular, with plenty of fresh ingredients.

      【Address】 Kimoto Prefecture Kami-Amakusa City Matsushima cho Shigetsu 6003-1
      【phone】 0969-56-0172
      【time】 Daytime from 11:00 to 16:00(15: 45 OS)
          Night from 17:00 to 22:00(21: 00 OS)
    • Ike dish, frosted

      You can enjoy it with the delicious seasoning, with the best ingredients examined every season.
      Please carefully select the seasonal seafood caught in Amakusa on that day, and eat deliciously the flavor of fresh seafood.

      【Address】 Aizu, Matsushima cho Kami-Amakusa City, Kumamoto prefecture 4638
      【phone】 0969-56-0299
      【time】 (Weekday day·Saturday)11:00 to 15:00, 17: 00-21: 00
          (Sundays)11:00 to 21:00
    • Sun is full

      Dessert & Cappuccino cafe feeling, chicken & liquor with liquor, everyone can enjoy together.

      【Address】 Kimoto Prefecture Kami-Amakusa City Matsushima cho Aizu 3351-1
      【phone】 0969-56-1915
      【time】【Monday - Friday】11: 30 to 14: 00, 18:00 to 23:00
          【Saturday·Limited to Sundays·Congratulation】18:00 to 23:00
    • Tenjyo

      Fish cuisine cookies are hidden in the hidden famous foods are rice dumpling dumplings made with soup juice, chicken, taro, fried tofu, Chinese cabbage and carrots.

      【Address】 Kamamoto prefecture Kami-Amakusa City Oyano town Shimbashi Futabu 1216-6
      【phone】 0964-56-0656
      【time】 11:00 to 21:00
    • Armor

      You can taste the crab cuisine with fresh seafood in the Shiranui Ocean spreading in front of you.
      Other creative home cooking, homemade desserts, drinks are also substantial.

      【Address】 Kimoto Prefecture Kami-Amakusa City Himeido cho Himeura 3043-12
      【phone】 0969-58-3111
      【time】 11:00 to 15:00, 17: 00-22: 00