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Hotel Name

Atami Onsen, Hotel New Akao Royal Wing


1993-65 Atami, Atami City

Telephone number



【Courtesy bus】10 minutes by free transfer from JR Atami Station (reservation unnecessary)★60 days before the Sparium construction memorial appeared early division plan★

Pick-up presence (condition)
There is a free shuttle bus (reservation unnecessary)
Atami Eki-mae Rotary, departing from McDonalds, 10 minutes required
  • When using JR

    From Tokyo direction
    Tokyo - Atami (about 50 minutes by using Shinkansen)

    Nagoya direction
    Nagoya ~ Atami (about 2 hours by using Shinkansen)

    ■If you use the bus, take the Tokai Bus 6th Tokai Bus stop from JR Atami Station, Ajiro district "Ajiro Asahi Town" to "Kohoro Waterfall" (Tokai Bus)

    ·Hotel New Akao you use Hotel New Akao or Royal Wing, get off at "Nishikiga-Ura" bus stop
    ·Akao Herb and Rose Garden you use Akao Herb and Rose Garden, get off at "Akao Herb Rose Garden" bus stop

    ■If you use the roundabout bus "Yu ~ Yu ~ bus", get off at JR Atami Station from the Tokai Bus # 0 stop and get off at "Nishikiga-Ura" bus stop
  • Information on free shuttle bus

    Please use the scheduled free shuttle bus between Atami Station hotel, which guests of the hotel can use (Please take about 10 minutes).
    Reservation is unnecessary.Please come to the direct bus stop.

    ·The fixed free pick-up bus stop will exit the ticket gate and turn right at the roundabout ⑥ ⑦ ⑧ (McDonald's in front).

    ·Pick-up free shuttle buses are only available to guests staying at Hotel New Akao and Royal Wing.
     Customers using only "Akao Beach Resort" "Akao Herb and Rose Garden" "Flower Fairy" can not be reached.Sorry to blame you, please use public transportation.
  • Free shuttle bus timetable

    Please use the bus and taxi outside bus service hours.
  • In case of car

    Numazu IC
    Numazu IC →(Japan National Route 1)→Mishima →(Route 136)→(Nekkan road)→Atami

    Atsugi IC from
    Atsugi IC →(Odawara Atsugi Road)→Odawara →(Route 135)→Atami

    Gotemba IC
    Gotemba IC → Hakone → Jikkoku-toge Pass → Atami

    Atami Station
    (Route 135) → 15 minutes to Ito direction
    5 minutes to the "Akao Have &Rose Garden" from there

    ※Numazu IC / Gotemba IC / Atsugi IC takes about 1 hour from any route.(It changes according to the congestion situation of the road)

    ※Parking lot is available free of charge.
  • When using a car

    Access method 1: Tokyo
    Tomei Expressway Odawara Atsugi road from-to Atsugi IC ~ Tomei Atsugi IC to Nagoya district Manazuru Road to Route 135 line via 60-minute Route 135

    Access method 2: Nagoya
    Tomei Expressway - Numazu IC - Tomei Numazu IC Route 1 - Route 136 - 60 km via Nekkan Road


    If you come by car, please come directly to the hotel entrance.
    We have a short distance to the parking lot so if you do not mind, we will bring your car.