Relax and peace, such as a home away from home in the near of Yufu Dake

【Official】Ryokan Hikari no Ie

We live in Yufuin here we are greeted with "Good Morning" warmly every morning to the transition of the beautiful and transient Japanese seasons in Japan.

From early in the morning, I feel the beginning of the day in the sound of the horseshoe of Tsuji horse carriage, and receive energy from my heart by looking up at the magnificent Yufu Dake.
If you walk through the cityscape where you can feel the living even in the tranquility, you will find peace of mind for the smiling face of the warm local people.
The night view of this land surrounded by the mountain area can be wrapped in gentle light as if looking at the candle.
We believe that such an extension of our country life will be felt with Japanese hospitality at Ryokan Hikari no Ie.

Our ryokan is a very small inn that is small in size and run by several staff members.
It is friendly staff.Please feel free to ask how to spend Yufuin.
And I'm pleased if you can feel comfort like home like to relax near Yufu Dake.
We believe that Yufuin will become a warm home to be able to reconfirm lovely Japan.

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