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Surrounding tourism

  • Around (Nature · Shrine · Art)

    • Golden Lake

      It is also called a pond of Takehama in a lake where hot springs spring. A sightseeing spot that is a symbol of Yufuin. It is said that hot springs are rising from the bottom of the lake, and because the water temperature is high, you can see a fantastic sight from where the fog rises from the lake surface during the cold season. Spring fresh green, fall autumn leaves, winter mist and landscapes that change shape every season are ideal for strolling.

      Approximately 3 minutes by car from the hotel / about 10 minutes on foot
    • Yufu Dake

      Yufu Dake rising in the northeastern part of Yufuin which is a popular hot-spring sightseeing spot is said to be Bungo Fuji and popular. It has been worshiped as a mountain of God for a long time and it is also a famous peak that appears in "Bungo Fudoki" and "Manyoshu". Miyama Kirishima, autumn leaves, fog ice and popular mountaineers of mountaineers all the year round, from the summit you can hope for Beppu Bay, Kuju mountain range, Yufuin town.
      Yufuin symbol known by the name of Bungo Fuji
    • Yufuin Stained Glass Art Museum

      A museum consisting of two buildings, "Niels House" where you can see antique stained glasses through lighting from the 19th to the 20th century, and "St. Robert Church" which incorporates many beautiful stained glass windows. In addition to stained glass, Art Nouveau glass arts and crafts are also exhibited in the former, and plenty to see.

      About 5 minutes on foot from the hotel
  • Patrol(vehicle)

    • Tsuji horse carriage

      The sound of the Tsuji horse carriage that you hear as you open the window.
      Yuzuin's Tsuji carriage running through the city rarely seen throughout the country passes through the eyes of the hotel.
      Would you like to enjoy the rhythm of horse's hooves, which is different from time, whether it is a horse's mood, or is it a measure of a man who controls a carriage while enjoying a conversation with a customer?

      Reserve: Tourist information office inside JR Yufuin Station
    • Yu no Tsubo Kaido

      If you want to enjoy lunch and cafe at Yufuin, "Yu no Tsubota Kaido" is recommended!
      There are lots of croquette and local sake · souvenir shops in Japan!
      Please enjoy sightseeing on the main street of Yufuin.

      Approximately 5 minutes by car from the hotel / 15 minutes on foot
  • Yufuin Recommend your local gourmet

    ■B-speak: Manufacture a small amount of rolled cake every day with fresh milk produced at Yufuin. If you do not hurry, it will be sold out early!

    ■Tea room, Ceiling rashiki:

    ■Komatsu family: Yufuin shop specializing in popularity as if there is no stranger in Yufuin cho. <Gourmet>
    ■Yufuin Gold Award Croquet 1st Store

    ■Yufu Muhashi, heart

    ■Kamono: Italian

    ■Western lighthouse: French, reasonably priced looking over Lake Kin Lake

    <Free Gift>
    ■Jam workshop