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  • Cooking passion

    Atami Onsen Ryokan Tachibana, we deliver the seasonal taste offered by the sea and the mountain with techniques and equipment.
    Please enjoy the delicious and seasonal flowing wind.

    “Ryohan” and “Fully enjoy Izu Plan” are popular.

    The pride of this facility is a secret soup, fresh rice cakes taken in the sea near the sea, cooked in a clay pot, and an exquisite “Japanese Spiny Lobster Otsukuri (sashimi) sashimi”.
    Please enjoy delicate taste with seafood.(All pictures serve as dish examples)
  • Kaiseki cuisine example

  • Breakfast example

  • Single dish

  • Seri morning

    Because we are broking directly at Numazu Port, we can offer ingredients with fresh passion.
  • sake

    Various kinds of sake, wine, distilled spirit and others that match seafood's dishes, plentiful.
    Please try Atami's plum wine "Atamikko" once.
    Please ask the staff for details.
  • Breakfast

    The breakfast of Ryokan Tachibana has been highly popular with customers as well.
    Enjoy breakfast, which sticks to seafood, fresh and has a volume, and breakfast which can not be tasted in other facilities.

    ※Japanese Spiny Lobster plan, you can enjoy miso soup at breakfast as well.